• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! $en. Manchin's Imaginary Friends

by Noah

Those empty suits in Congress seem to pride themselves on being out of touch with the world outside the beltway. They always have but now it has reached a level where any reasonable person should see it as not being out of touch but as overflowing with contempt for us. The eagerness of conservative Democrats to negotiate and compromise with KKK-loving domestic terrorist colleagues is beyond criminal. This level of contempt is now about to drown democracy. Here we are on June 23, 2021. We have $enator Joe Manchin, this month's poster boy for that contempt. Yes, the competition for that title is fierce and it obviously includes all parties, but Manchin gets the June prize. When America is finally deader than the rusted hulk of the Titanic at the bottom of the sea, Joe Manchin will have an iceberg named after him. He'll be so proud and clueless that he'll even go to the ribbon cutting ceremony and shake hands with McConnell and Putin. Then just watch him and Krysten Sinema carve that ice so it looks just like a KKK hood. That will be a perfect monument to what they are doing.