• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Does Your God Speak To You?

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

DMT use? Had Moses been wandering around in the hot desert sun a bit too much? Brain parasites? Bread mold? X-Files? How do you explain a burning bush speaking to you? People who pray are one thing, but thinking God speaks to you... Well, in my book, that's a special kind of crazy. Imagine the ego and elevated opinion of yourself you have to have. Where does it end? Do the potted plants on your kitchen window sill give you your marching orders every morning? Do your wind chimes speak in code? At least that cardinal in your backyard is stating his territorial claim by singing his version of "This Land Is My Land." David Berkowitz, aka The Son Of Sam Killer, thought his neighbor's dog was telling him to kill people.

And don't forget, dog just happens to be god spelled backwards. It's funny how when people who say God talks to them the next thing out of their mouth is usually a request for your money or for you to direct your hate at someone or some group. And people say yes. In fact, they are saying yes more and more often as the years go by. Seems to me that the average human IQ is now down to about 85 these days, and it's trending south. Even the gods they worship now are of lower and lower quality. Hell, I've even heard about a god with a horrendously freakish combover and orange pancake makeup who speaks hateful gibberish, and his followers worship him even to their own destruction, and ours!