• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Democratic Party 101

by Noah

Saturday Cartoon:

As you can see, the creator of this cartoon titled it "Playing The Short Game" but it could just as easily have been titled "Democratic Party 101." We all know that the M.O. of the party is to look for reasons NOT to do things as soon as they come up with something very worth doing. They are the mouse that's too timid to come out of its hole. A good case in point as you read this is the vote for voting rights. The party got it right one time but, hey, that was over 50 years ago! Now, in the face of a Republican Party blitzkrieg of race-based anti-voting measures, it has taken the Democrats at least a year just to coax a large chunk their own so-called "moderate" members to get on board and still, they have 2 uber-recalcitrant racist George Wallace wannabes in their midst who have axes to grind and crosses to burn.

I can't wait to hear all the bonehead, cowardly excuses Democrats come up with for not holding live on TV day long hearings about the Republican Party's attempted coup. They are the "The Dog Ate My Homework Party."