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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Delta Variant, The New Southern Heritage!

by Noah

I can see all the red states, not just those in the ol' Confederacy but also those who have adopted the same kind of fervently self-destructive idiocy elsewhere. I mean, Jeez, I know idiocy reigns supreme everywhere but some places really do take competing for Darwin Awards to the max. Case in point how the red Anti-Vax states, the South in particular, have so fully and eagerly embraced the Delta Variant of COVID-19. It's love, baby!

Tonight's meme shows a very fitting form that statues for COVID could take but I have an additional idea: How about a statue of an awkward leaning 370 lb. orange freak with a basket full of virus spores in one tiny hand while the other tiny hand is depicted casting the virus spores into the air! There could be a nice plaque commemorating the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by the Orange Menace To Society, his administration, his party and his supporters in the media. The irony of how Trump will end up having more deaths on his hands than Sherman and Grant will be surely missed by all.


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Jul 22, 2021

You could do a mural, by Nancy, of all the nazi virus promoters (like desantis and noem) along with der gott fuhrer, and make it look like the gate at auschwitz...

Covid macht frei... or something.

those who were killed by their party's indifference to death will at least never suffer under the coming reich nor the inevitable climate catastrophe.

so there's that...

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