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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Current Politics Proves Humanity Has Reached The End...

Of Its Intellectual Development

by Noah

There's a lot that's remarkable about the members of a Republican Party (Nazi Party) projecting their own rabid anti-Semitism on others, people Republicans see as "others" in every sense of the word, but, here we are. We see more and more clear examples of such projection every day. These Nazis, including the pictured elephant in heels that is an apt representation of Rep. Elise Stefanik as she attacked the former president of Harvard as being something that is all but a qualification for membership in a party that regards anti-Semites as "very fine people" even as they chant "Jews will not replace us" as if it's a cult mantra, which it is. It has become a motto of today's Republican Party, fully embraced by all of them either with their words or with their silence. And yet they deflect and project by pointing their fingers at the rest of us.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it is that normal decent people put up with it. Some of us apparently normal folks will even try to tell the rest of us that people really aren't capable of being that evil. The same kind of people once said that in Germany, too, and, when the actions of the GOP's current historical role models got even more vile, those same kinds of people just stuck their dumbass heads in the sand or went into a complete state of denial. Obviously, that path is already beckoning battalions of fools here and now. All of this is a measure of the limits of the intelligence of our species. 


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Jan 11

The "battalions of fools" undersells the truth. It's 99.3% of the 160 million or so that will vote.

That comes to about 15,000 divisions worth.

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