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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Crazies In Texas? No Way!

by Noah

And still they come, like flies drawn to the contents of the Diaper Don's diapers. What an inspiring story!!! Thousands of the Republican National Committee's "Best People" have been flocking to Dallas, more specifically Dealey Plaza, for about a month now. They come. They go, They come again. Some have even abandoned their now distraught families, lost to the Nazi brainwash machines. It's a veritable MAGA Woodstock and clearly these prize examples of Republicaness have already imbibed mucho brown acid and washed it down with the uber-spiked Trump Kool-Aid courtesy of Rona Romney McDaniel, Moscow Mitch. Vlad Putin and the rest of the Republican leadership.

I guess it was just too much for these lost souls who were so sure that their guy Donnie Psycho would have been reinstalled and back in the oval office with his gang of grifters by now. When date after date passed and that didn't happen no matter how many times the My Pillow Case Full Of Crack guy promised, I guess they realized they had better call on supernatural help. Obviously, Q thought it was a swell idea and the message went out! Hence, first it was JFK, Jr. that would come back to life and join their bloated orange god as VP, then, when that failed to occur, they convinced themselves, ie. "heard it on good authority" that JFK Sr. himself was coming to set things right! What's next? Bobby, Teddy, Jackie and the whole damn Kennedy klan? Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President?" And, it's all supposed to happen on the spot where JFK was murdered. Nice touch, Q. When's the choir of kids from the Martian camps arriving?

Damn. Think about it. The Kennedys teaming up with Trump? And JFK stood up to the Russians. Why the Kennedy klan? They were all democrats. True, but, when you say klan, republicans get all excited. Whatever, this is Dallas, Dallas, in Texas, our biggest nut state. Dallas is a magnet for crazy, maybe even more than Florida all by itself. Yeah, I know that hurts Flor-i-duh's feelings. Too bad. The whole place will be drowning in a few years anyway.

Note to HiWatt: I saw your comment on Monday's Midnight Meme post, and, judging from the emails I received, other readers had similar reactions. I offer my condolences and I'm saddened that your sister's death on 9/11 was trivialized by another commenter and done so to make a point that all of us were already very well aware of. It appears that you and many others share the opinion that was done not to contribute anything original or otherwise but to gain attention or a reaction, and, yes, it's done often in a nasty way, especially when such points are made in a redundant regurgitation style having been covered either in the very same post being commented upon or in a previous one. Such points will likely be covered again, too, as they should be, but, in my case, I hope not in a narcissistic style that comes off as me thinking I'm the only one with any brains, that I'm privy to info that no one else knows except me and some secret cabal, or because of my innate wonderfulness. There's too much of that going around.


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