• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Beware The Voices In Your Head!

by Noah Sunday Thoughts: David Berkowitz, aka The Son Of Sam, believed his neighbor's dog told him what to do. And, his neighbor actually had a dog, a dog you could see. The dog's name was Sam. David Berkowitz heard Sam talking to him in his head. He heard the calling. Sam called David to action! The results were horrific. History is full of people who heard voices in their heads directing them. Wars, inquisitions, terror attacks, all sorts of mind-numbing mayhem. History is full of murders committed by people who directed all sorts of horrors in the name of whoever's voice they heard in their heads. It's also full of people who blindly followed the person who heard the voices. Sometimes what David Berkowitz did is on a much, much bigger scale. If I was a middle school history teacher, I would ask my students to do a "Compare & Contrast" essay based on tonight's meme and what I wrote above. By the end of the day, I would no longer have a job and the nazis on the local school board would make sure I couldn't just relocate to the next county with a new job, unlike, say, with what happens when a priest is caught abusing the altar boys and choirboys. I'd be lucky if my home wasn't fire bombed by some wacko who, you guess it, heard a voice in their head.