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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Bannon: One Of Trump's 'Best People'

by Noah

"All hell is going to break loose tomorrow... So many people said, 'Man, if I was in a revolution, I would be in Washington.' Well, this is your time in history."

-Steve Bannon, Advisor and confidant of Donald Trump as he cheered on his listenership the day before the Republican Party terror attack on the Capitol

Steve Bannon is what happens when decades of treasonous actions by our leaders in Washington go unpunished and shrugged off by both major political parties. Whether it's an official pardon by a president or a de facto pardon by a jar of stale piss like Mitch McConnell, the result is the same, an escalation of what people in Washington know they can get away with and they'll escalate it until there's no U.S.A. at all.

Knowing how much Washington always seems to protect its own, I will be pleasantly surprised if Steve Bannon ever serves time in jail, certainly not meaningful time and definitely not the life in prison or the capital punishment that he and every single one of his comrades deserve. Hell, if Bannon spends the rest of his life podcasting from Death Row to his Russo-Republican comrades that's good enough for me but nothing less than that will suffice. The way things have gone with the now even more openly Nazi Republican Party under the mutant leadership of goons lke Trump, McQonnell, McQarthy, and RNC Chairnazi Rona Romney McDaniel, I fully expect that they would have Bannon addressing their 2024 Nazi Convention remotely from Leavenworth Prison. He'll look even worse than the old reclusive Howard Hughes by then with curling 10-inch fingernails and an Osama bin Laden=style terrorist beard. All the little Repugs in Repugville will cheer him wildly, of course. And, he will be lovingly introduced to the rabid red-hatted crowd by Sean Hanitty.

Yes, Steve Bannon is obviously a traitor to this country, we can hear that on tape, in his own words as shown above, but that just means that he's joined a club of governing officials that's been growing in number for decades. Nixon's tapes were bad enough but the tapes of Bannon's broadcasts make those very pale by comparison. What may set Bannon really apart though is that, while the crimes of others that rise to the level of treasonous activity in the last 50+ years have been rooted in wars with other countries, Bannon's appear to be rooted in a treasonous declaration of war against the homeland via an escalation of the Civil War which has never really ended. Bannon and his beloved Boss Trump are all about a war perpetrated by Americans against Americans. There is no other way to rightly see the act of American terror that they and their sick party instigated on 1/6.

Trump followers see what John Wilkes Booth did in April of 1865 as the first shot of Phase Two of the Civil War. You can see in their words and especially their actions that occured on 1/6 that what Booth did is an inspiration to them right down to marching Confederate flags into the halls of Congress, something even Robert E. Lee was never able to do. Look at Ford's Theater as The Capitol Building; two places to make a murderous political statement and give us an incompetent racist president. After all, the republican plan to install Trump while killing Mike Pence, Speaker Pelosi, AOC, and anyone else they saw as enemies and could get their hands on is essentially the same thing.

Meanwhile, Bannon will milk his troubles for all they are worth. He's a mental case who had and still has the ear of another mental case, one who was president and may be again if his party succeeds in their plans to kill off democracy. His followers are no better. Bannon will use any punishment he might get as a perverse badge of courage and a means of self-promotion for his books, his podcasts, his radio shows, and TV appearances on all of the usual verminous TV shows. That is all the more reason why he should spend the rest of his life in a cage in a federal penitentiary. Failing that, give him the Rosenberg treatment on Pay Per View. Then tell fellow travelers like Manchin and Sinema that the Biden Infrastructure Plan can be brought back up to 3.5 Trillion with the addition of the windfall of the proceeds.


3 comentarios

25 oct 2021

bannon knows 3 things:

1) his martyrdom will catalyze the nazi voters to all show up and retake both chambers of congress next year AND get trump elected fuhrer in 2024.

2) in trump's second act as duly elected fuhrer on 1-21-2025 will be to pardon him and everyone else who might still be under indictment for 1-6. His first act will be to dissolve congress, end democracy and wipe his butt with the constitution in the national archives.

3) he can write his own "Mein Kampf" *if* (and if not) sequestered (prolly home detention). That book will outsell the bible for the duration of the reich.

Me gusta

And were the Democratic Party not eating from the same pig trough as the R Party - the gangrene slime that the Sophist Court unleashed on our elections from '76 Valeo & '78 Bank of Boston downward - then even as late as 1/3/19 it could have been crushed by the righteous Impeachment Rashida then proposed.

It is only now that the Ds become slightly more fastidious. Yet even now Biden does not reverse the 'Happy Meal', dine on the flesh of the once middle class, coupons that Trump gave out to corporate cartels.

Cancel new nukes? Never is anything retracted from the DoDeath budget.

Restore the singular Obama achievement that is/was the Iran nuclear deal; that Trump illegally vitiated,…

Me gusta
25 oct 2021
Contestando a

before the democraps decided to bury their blood funnels in the same blood trough as the nazis, they were total pussies. the effect is the same. refusing to put nixon up against a wall for treason in '68 proved to the nazis that they COULD do anything, including treason, to win elections... and the democrap pussies wouldn't do "merrick garland" about it.

see what I did there... tying the old to the new?

Me gusta
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