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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Another Matter Of Trust

by Noah

Today's Midnight Meme is obviously directed at less than half of the population but it makes for a good, very targeted public service announcement. Less than half of U.S. humanity has a penis and a smaller percentage are members of the Republican anti-vax demographic. So, there ya go, not that I will ever understand why anyone would be interested in being within 6 feet of a Republican penis anyway.


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02 sept 2021

clearly you've never seen a magazine from the '50s and on that advertised penis pumps and the sort. Trust has nothing to do with it.

As for Rx, the US still has a rigorous testing/validation requirement for any new pill. It is a sign of a particularly sick and stupid society that they can refuse to believe the results of all that testing and make up wholesale lies about something for partisan political reasons.

A sane society knows the difference between verifiable truth and political horse shit.

ours knows not.

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