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Midnight Meme Of The Day! And Still He Persists!

by Noah

Yo, Mr. Moscow! Karma's a bitch, ain't it! How righteous that a person like you is a walking advertisement for term limits! You and Diane Feinstein and so many other of your congenital dirtbag colleagues! How fitting that you suffer while you're well taken care of with your healthcare provided by the money taken right out of our pockets while you deny healthcare to others, people who've actually work for a living. Maybe it's payback for all the cases of sepsis you've caused American women in recent years. Maybe it's payback for signing up to be Putin's stooge for cash. Fuck you with a sharpened jackhammer as I always say. I ain't gonna be phony about it. Are you scared? Are you terrified about what's happening to you? Please tell us about it so we can applaud.


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Jesse Salisbury
Jesse Salisbury
05. Sept. 2023

well.... i guess Moscow Mitch answered the big question about him running again in 2026 ! ( he did it with his jedi mind trick.) Mitch has been dreaming about meeting his hero (the Grim Reaper). SNARK

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