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Midnight Meme Of The Day! An Open Letter To GOP Swine

by Noah

Dear Republicans,

One year ago today, your boy Traitor Don lost. Time to get over it. Hell, just admitting it would be a start. In fact, you've had way more than enough time to do either. Instead, something approaching 80% of you just can't get over it. Like a bunch of 2 year olds throwing tantrums, you just stamp your feet and scream "No!" You say the election was stolen from the one you worship, your icon, your lying false idol and living symbol and advocate of everything that is grotesque in this country. You say he must be reinstated. Like a bunch of total crackheads, you even state the date, and then you change the date when your wishes fail to come to pass, over and over again. You just can't quit him, can you.

Oh yeah, and you want us to forget that you continue to not just defend but cheer that crowd of your best and brightest that decided to choose terrorism and storm the Capitol Building on 1/6 in an effort to overthrow the government, terminate democracy, and try to assasinate some leaders. Are you still sad that you only got one cop killed? Well, you can take some consolation in the fact that you drove a few other cops to take their own lives. I bet you also take heart in the fact that more will in the future due to their PTSD. And there's the fact that 140 cops suffered concussions, broken bones, and gouged out eyes. What's the matter, not enough? Blue lives matter? Certainly not to you! Oh, and you even managed to trample one of your own to death, but, hey, she was a woman so that doesn't count all that much, right? What's the matter? Did she say she was pro-choice or utter something you find equally offensive?

So what now? Oh, don't worry! We know. You've already let us know that you have no intention of stopping, that this is a rolling coup, escalating in fact because no one has ever stopped you or your leaders. Every day in every way, you have your legislators passing Stalinist laws designed to fix the next 2022 and 2024 elections. Yeah, it's not who votes, it's who counts the votes and all that. You want to steal the election so no one can steal it of course. That's your insane republican logic for you. You hope the 2024 one will be the last election of course, unless that is we just end up with elections like they have in your beloved Russia where everyone votes for your guy or goes to jail, gets poisoned, or worse, or, even better yet in your book, all three.

You really are a bunch of swell Americans. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee would be so proud of you. Well, I kind of actually think Robert E. Lee would not be proud of you so scratch that. How about John Wilkes Booth and Byron De La Beckwith? Yeah, those are your kind of people.

Well Republicans, that's it for today. I hope you enjoy my letter. Cheer up. Winter is coming. A world of new COVID variants awaits thanks to all of you who chose not to get vaccinated. We might be at 1,000,000 dead by next year thanks to your lack of effort. That's something for any death cult to be proud of! Who knows, maybe you miscreants will find a way to kill even more Americans. You're a bunch of real winners. Yep, you certainly are.

Fuck you, and I pity the horse you stole your Ivermectin from.


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03 de nov. de 2021

wasting a letter on nazi swine.

the difference between nazi voters and democrap voters?

nazi voters can't/won't read.

democrap voters can't/won't understand.

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