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Midnight Meme Of The Day! An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

by Noah

Yeah, c'mon Republican hero boy! You like looking for trouble in places you don't belong. What's keepin' you from asking mommy dearest to take you over to Ukraine? We know you've had the taste of murder. We know your kind always wants more, more, more. Thing is, we know you'd only fight for the Russians. What else would a republican hero like yourself do?

So, here's the plan. Trump-approved, of course: Why not go flag down a few gun packing truck convoy goofballs and have your mom get you all over there somehow. Maybe she's got a special brand new 2022 Magic MAGA JFK, JR designed super flying station wagon. Maybe Tiki Torch Carlson or Marjorie Traitor Greene will even pay your way on a real plane! Just get there! Be a hero again. We know you're pining for attention. Musta gotten boring once the press moved on. You could be in Ukraine in less than 10 hours! Go ahead. We'd all love to see how long you'd last fighting Ukrainians in the streets of Kyiv. Eat lead, asshole! Justice served, finally.



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