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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Tale Of 2 Talibans!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

I know it can be hard to tell the burgeoning American Taliban from the one in Afghanistan. The graphic above shows us why.

There are a couple of differences between the 2 Talibans that I feel like pointing out today, however. One is that 5000 of the Afghani Taliban served time in jail. The American Taliban? Not so much, although 5000 of our Taliban here would be a decent start. And, to top it off, Psycho Traitor Donnie, the current leader of the American Taliban, freed all of his Afghani brethren from their imprisonment and they in turn released the ISIS terrorists who killed 13 U.S. military personnel and close to 200 Afghan civilians and military personnel at the airport in Kabul. I'm sure we will eventually be hearing of other secret deals Trump and Mike Pompeo made between the 2 talibans some distant day in the future but, the sooner such things are revealed, the better. Our own domestic terror party has been making noises about running Pompeo as their candidate for president in 2024 and, of course, the current leader wants to run as well, and why not? His party nazis and domestic terrorists are all for it.

Which brings us to the other difference I wish to point out. When it comes to individual rights and personal freedoms, the Afghan people are already where our Taliban wants us to end up. The newly signed anti-woman and anti-voting laws in the primitive and backwards state of Texas are proof of where our American Taliban is taking us. Already, states such as Florida and Oklahoma are following the Taliban's lead in Texas when it comes to the rights of women, and, already, every state in our country that is governed by The Domestic Terror Party has been doing everything it can to take away the voting rights of people of color while Washington does nothing about it except talk. And talk. And talk.

Right now, the American Taliban's evil actions are based on gender, race, and heritage but only a naive fool would really think our Taliban types will stop there? We already know where the American Taliban's agents in the House, The $enate, the former administration, and the media stand. We saw that on 1/6 and we see that in the fact that they are trying to cover that up. In all of human history, once a right is taken away from one group, others are targeted. Voting rights based on gender, property ownership and education level will all be on the table, as will other rights affecting the lives of women. Conservative talk radio is full of such ideas and we often hear politicians mentioning them under the guise of "going back to the original Constitution as it was written." This stuff never has and never will just suddenly stop. It just rolls on down to Hell, cheered on by fools and worse.

How convenient for our Taliban that we have tens of millions of those fools. We have already freely elected shit piles of smiling domestic terrorists and COVID death supporters in nice suits, thugs of other kinds, and pirates of various types to all levels of government while our rights are one by one, or two by two as in Texas, whittled down to the medieval level of rights that the people of Afghanistan have had for centuries. One party does it. The other props the door open. This whittling down is usually driven by religion and bigotry and it's always enabled by a willing and/or docile voting public that doesn't care to look closely at who and what they are voting for and the consequences and repercussions thereof.

Complacency and apathy in humans is an aged old problem of human nature. The people of Pompei knew they were living on a volcano but they liked the nice breeze from the sea.

Additional comment: Think about the irony of the daughter of one of our country's historically biggest war criminals and worst perpetrators of terrorism upon the citizens of foriegn countries sitting on a bi-partisan House committee investigating the American Taliban traitors and domestic terrorists in our country who tried to and still want to overthrow this country. Where the hell do you think this will end up? Already, Rudy Giuliani's buddy, the Qanon Shaman, has gotten off with a mere 4 year sentence for being the bellicose drum majorette of a mob of traitorous cop killers when he deserves a lifetime sentence in Leavenworth for treason and accesory to murder, and goons like Gym Jordan, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, Lauren Boebert, and "Ted" Cruz are still welcomed into the Capitol Building every damn day. If they were from the Middle East, they'd already be in GITMO. As long as these people and the people they encouraged, enabled, and likely aided walk freely among us, this whole thing is just another congressional dog and pony show farce. We have never brought the war criminals of either party to justice. With bi-partisan approval, absolute traitors like Nixon and Reagan never served a day in prison. With Nixon, LBJ shrugged. With Reagan, America cheered. Pardons all around! Rumsfeld died with a smirk on his face and everyone who voted to invade Iraq will as well. That was all the permissiveness that like minded people needed and that begat Trump and all the chaos and criminality that goes with it as this country continues its willful downward spiral to a deeper and deeper Hell. Do you really think the house committee will bring justice? Our history says no. Our leaders are willfully incapable. What devolving humanoids voted for such assholes? Just look out your window, or, in the mirror. Nice planet we got here. I'd hate to see anything bad happen.

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Sep 12, 2021

another parallel.

when their taliban were NOT in power, their replacement government focused solely on corruption and self-enrichment and did zilch about normalizing good altruistic government.

when OUR taliban are not in power, the democraps focus solely on corruption and self-enrichment and only conduct a charade of trying to focus on governance.

the biggest difference, and a telling one at that, is that OUR taliban (as well as the worthless feckless corrupt warmongering neoliberal fascist pussy party alternative) are popularly elected. In case you miss the implication, and americans probably do, it means that americans are, most of the time, majority pure evil.

finally, if you cannot bring yourself to refer to them, correctly, as nazis, 'taliban' is a fair…

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