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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Succinct Message About CNN From George Conway

by Noah

I read the above message from Georgre Conway and my instant response was-

Unless, of course, your goal was to spread the message of a narcissistic psychopath as far and wide around the world to as many people in as short a time as possible.

Obviously, CNN CEO Chris Licht was going for that and largely achieved the goal shared by his partner in the endeavor. He even let his Orange Menace To Society buddy pick his own interviewer, Kaitlan Collins, a former colleague (both at CNN and at the Daily Caller) of Tucker Carlson. You know, kinda like an NFL QB getting to pick the Defensive Ends that will be trying to sack him. Perhaps Licht and those above him at Warner Discovery are hoping that the Edward R. Murrow Award for distinguished achievements in broadcast media will soon be renamed (as early as January 2025?) after Joseph Goebbels and they'll get the first one. Looks to me they're well on the way!

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