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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Multiple TV Platform For Nazis? What Could Go Wrong?

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

I never want to bang my head against the wall. Surprising, I know. But the way I see it; there are hundreds of millions of more deserving heads. Besides, I am a migraine sufferer. So, be that as it is, I guess it's a good thing that I'm such a civil person, eh?

I mean the temptation to bang a whole lotta heads against the wall is so strong, so very strong with me. So is the temptation of running up and down a field playing soccer the way it was originally meant to be played.

But whose heads should be used? Well, obviously all the ones in red hats but there are also those that have gone so far out of their way to give the red hats a platform for all their hate and nutjob conspiracy mongering, in other words a platform for the Grand Ol' Nazi Party platform.

As I've written before, until 1980 when a nazi tool named Reagan did it in, the Fairness Doctrine made sure there would be so-called equal time in and on all of our news sources, both for centrist views that are often mislabeled as "liberal," or at best, views that lean ever so slightly to the left but not so far left as to scare the sponsors, and the far right if not outright fascist or neo-Nazi views preferred by Korporate Amerika and expressed by the likes of Barry Goldwater, the John Birchers, Nixon, and Pat Buchanan and, frankly, anything the Republican Party has had to offer ever since. Once the Fairness Doctrine was vaporized by Herr Reagan, FOX "News," once proposed by Nixon's people and represented in the first panel of the cartoon by Nazi GOP hero Tucker Tiki Torch, was inevitable and no one has had the combination of votes and/or will to do anything about restoring the Fairness Doctrine. Sheer laziness, gutlessness, or agenda? You decide. I'd say all three. those and the corruption of money, of course. The sheep will go on grazing until every field of grass has turned to sand. The other newsers, the non-FOX Nazi ones, like the woman depicted in the above cartoon, have no excuse, zero. Hard to call them journalists at all. CNN was always a right-leaning network. Anyone who would employ a fascist toady like Wolf Blitzer would be. Don't forget how fervently they promoted the Bush family and their Iraq wars. The NBC Network, right across the Avenue Of The Americas from the Murdoch Family Cesspool? They gave Traitor Don his own show so he could fool the rubes into thinking he was some sort of business wizard. We know how that's worked out by the state this country is in today. The other networks? There isn't enough time here. Suffice to say, they all got behind Traitor Don Trump by eagerly broadcasting Traitor Don's speeches nightly. Then, once he was installed in the White House, they disingenuously wondered aloud how it could happen that the ashole they had so fervently promoted got elected. Genius.

OK, to be extra fair, and I'm always extra fair, I'll just point out that this isn't all that new, just more refined in recent times with more tools of every kind at hand. You could look back to the 1930s and look at the bank and CEO-financed plot to overthrow FDR and put an Army General in his place to run things more to their liking. Now, we even create billionaires and soon, trillionaires to do the dirty work from their Hitler Gardens. They know that once a judge or $enator is bought, they stay bought.

Like Bob Dylan said, "Money doesn't talk, it swears." The same money that owns most of our judges and most of our politicians owns all of the biggest, most viewed media outlets. You might as well include social media platforms, and, no doubt, the biggest troll farms, too. Hence, in the 2016 campaign season, we saw Traitor Don selling his nazi dream on our TVs on an hourly basis, no matter what channel we put on. Traitor Don is a monster that our Korporate media created as much as Vladimir Putin or any bank did, a symbiotic relationship if there ever was one. Good luck and good night, everyone!

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