• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Message To You, Rudy

by Noah

Well, are ya punk? You marched onto the stage in front of the White House to the strains of "Macho Man" as you asked yerself "What would Putin do?" and you helped lead the charge at the 1/6 attempted coup by screaming "Let's have trial by combat," but, oh what a shocker, suddenly you weren't at the head of the mob. You laid back in your nice suit, tie, and hair dye. Ya didn't wanna lose anymore of your broken teeth, did ya? Didn't wanna get all messed up, did ya? I guess you went and had a nice lunch of hamberders at the White House to watch the goings on on TV, cheering the treasonous mayhem with your freaky orange buddy. Does he even take yer phone calls now? Are ya now just the latest coffee boy? So, I ask ya again, do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?