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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Look Inside The Cesspool Of The Republican Mind

Your Saturday Cartoon

by Noah

I wasn't inclined to to keep presenting things with a Taylor Swift theme here but I quickly realized that the Republican reaction to her and the nonstop conspiracies they continue to concoct about her speaks volumes about the cesspool of the typical Republican Mind and, since throwing a spotlight on the Republican Mind is such a large part of why I do this, and, the stuff coming my way is so good, well... Why the hell not? Tom Tomorrow's insight into the Republican Mind today does a great job of showing us an actual example of current Republican conspiracy mongering and the lunacy that is going on in the heads of tens of millions of American lunatics, some of whom are people I actually know even if I do keep them at arm's length, people we see every damn day as they go about infecting the very fabric of our society with their ever-growing mass insanity.  


3 comentarios

13 feb

better effort yourself, hater. nearly coherent and barely hateful. still nothing substantive, though. keep working on it.

Me gusta

Good comment by your standards crapper, except you left out a word. Typo?

Me gusta

10 feb

The malfunctioning nazi mind has always existed. The problem is that it is now the dominant political mind and will soon end up ruling the whole shithole.

How could 2 in 3 who COULD vote to keep that defective mind under wraps fail or refuse to do so? THAT is the question that remains unanswered and, in fact, unaddressed on this page.

Me gusta
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