Midnight Meme Of The Day! A GOP Nightmare Becomes Real

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

It's done. It won't change the vote totals on Supreme Court rulings but Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is now Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson of the Supreme Court. The fact that the GOP turned her confirmation hearings into a Ku Klux Klan rally didn't stop her. The GOP nightmare of having an accomplished African-American woman on the court has become real. I'm sure that tonight will see some quiet, mournful protest cross burnings in places like Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and both Carolinas just to name a few. Too bad, Republicans. You lost this one. Even parading Confederate flags in the Capitol Building on 1/6 didn't work. Win some. Lose some. Justice KBJ can't say it but I can: Fuck off Republicans! And then Fuck off again, and again, and again. Take your act to Russia. You'll love it. And take your voters. They'll love it too.

As a bonus today, please feel free to watch the puffy red flush faced Lindsey Graham trip over his words and slur Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's name (Jackshun) as he announced that he wouldn't vote for her: