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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Dangerous, Perverse Joke Called Susan Collins

by Noah

I believe that the president has learned from this case. The president has been impeached. That's a pretty big lesson.
-$enator Susan Collins of Maine, Feb. 2020, as she prepared to vote to acquit her Dear Leader.

I think of Afghanistan today and I think of that quote. Yeah, Collins, you, you asshole. You in your wisdom couldn't bring yourself to vote for your boy's removal from office. He'd learned his lesson, you said. Genius! He'd learned his lesson alright. He sure did. He learned that all was permitted; the Republican Party's version of a permissive society. Your vote was a nod and a wink that gave Trump carte blanche to do anything he damn well pleased. You and your NAZI co-conspirators voted to acquit on February 5, 2020 and he made a sellout deal with his new Taliban friends just 24 days later. The stage was set. It was a deliberate escalation for what we see now. Your Dear Leader gave the Taliban everything they could have ever dreamed of. Even when he thought nothing of your buddy Putin paying the Taliban bounties on the heads of our soldiers, he was still your boy. Of course he was! Even when he, once again, declared himself terrorism's best friend and freed 5000 Taliban fighters and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, your fellow asshole who's now the new head of Afghanistan, Trump's "partner in peace" as he described him. That was Trump's version of Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our time" statement. Yeah, your Dear Leader. That deal he was able to make because of the likes of you was the final step, the final ingredient in the 20 year recipe for death and chaos in Afghanistan. Well, done! I guess you saw the good in Baradar just like you saw the good in Brett Kavanaugh.

You must be very proud, Susan Collins. Your boy Trump didn't even get anything in return for his deal with his Taliban buddies, at least not for us, maybe secretly for him personally, maybe for you and some of your fellow travelers in Washington, DC and Maine, but not for this country. Then again, maybe that's coming to us in the future, in the form of a new 9/11. The Taliban has already thumbed their nose at their "agreement" to put down al Qaeda and ISIS is already at the airport in Kabul. The whole RNC is hiding from the deal now, like it never existed. Everything about Trump is transactional. Are you getting a nice piece of his payday, Susan? How long before we see a Trump Hotel in Kabul and one in Kandahar, all decked out in gold inside? Will you be at the ribbon cutting ceremony?

Oh, I know, Susan. You can point to having voted against Trump the second time, after all the damage was done or set in motion, most importantly only because he lost and was being shown the door. You always do like to have it both ways, don't you, Susan Collins? You probably go home and commend yourself every damn night for being the best at talking out of both sides of your ass.

Yeah, Collins, your boy Trump sure did learn his lesson just like you said he did. He took actions to create more death and human misery (See addendum below). You let him know he could get away with anything. You tacitly encouraged him and you might as well have said it with balloons, celebratory air horns, and t-shirts. You approved of him putting his political and personal financial ambitions ahead of the physical health of every single citizen of this country and Afghanistan, too. And then you and your entire party adopted that same approach to COVID as a marketing plan for yourselves while the numbers of cases and deaths mounted and continue to mount because you all let the virus get a firm foothold. Your boy Trump tried to overthrow what's left of our democracy and willfully made a hash of Afghanistan more than anyone by just relaying your winks. Are you as happy about all this as Putin is? Will your boss Moscow Mitch be getting more rubles to disperse among fellow traitors like you? Do bloodstained burkas make you laugh?

All that chaos in Afghanistan now being perpetrated by the people your boy Trump let out of prison. Has the Taliban learned its lesson, Susan? Go ahead, tell us, Susan. Have they? C'mon, tell us! Will they be good now? No doubt, it doesn't really bother you inside all that much, one way or the other. All those Afghan allies who will now die and all their children and wives too! It was always going to be ugly but, hey, not ugly enough, eh, Susan? How many kids who were fathered by American soldiers will also die at the hands of those who your buddy Trump set free to roam the streets and plan ahead for the day we left? You and everyone of your colleagues who supported Trump have that blood that's now being spilt directly splattered on their hands, but that's OK becasue it's Muslim blood. Isn't that right Susan? You're a real Lady MacBeth tonight, Susan Collins. That spot is never going away. You are what you are. You are exactly what you have shown us. You're not the only idiot or war criminal involved in this, that was well documented here and elsewhere years ago, but you make a fine poster gal for it all. You wanted the title, you stepped forward, and you've got it. You earned it with your mouth. I'm sure your voters back in Maine love you for it, too. They showed their approval back in November. You and your kind will destroy the entire world, and feel entitled to do it for your own ambitions and you'll use the ravings of "Q" and other republican loons for justification. God, what a sick, useless, perverted joke you are, Susan Collins.

Addendum: But wait! There's more! Of course there's more. There always is with these cretinous knuckle draggers, and, yeah, as it often goes with republicans, it involves their intrinsic racism. It turns out, surprise, surprise, that much of the chaos surrounding the evacuation of our local Afghan allies is by the deliberate design and four year planning of Trump's racist White House staff, White Nationalist and Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller in particular. Olivia Troy, who worked as former Vice President Mike Pence's Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor charges that Trump, acting through Miller and other Trump administration officials repeatedly acted to sabotage the handling of our Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs which are designed to, among other things, grant safehaven to those of other nations who have fought alongside of or otherwise aided our troops in foreing lands. Just one example of those would be immigrants who acted as interpreters for U.S. personnel and who are now trying to escape the wrath of the Taliban who are out to kill them and their entire families. Troye says that-

There were cabinet meetings about this during the Trump Administration where Stephen Miller would peddle his racist hysteria about Iraq and Afghanistan. He and his enablers across government would undermine anyone who worked on solving the SIV issue by devastating the system at DHS and State.

You can read more about this here and here. Clearly Susan Collins and her Taliban brethren both in her party and in Afghanistan have not learned their lesson nor do they want to since that would interfere with their agenda. The only lesson people like Trump and Collins have learned is that no one will make a serious, meaningful effort to stop them or their NAZI agenda; a few jive-ass words and a light tap on the wrist perhaps, but that is all.


2 commentaires

Bill H
Bill H
23 août 2021


I do not care much for the senator either and I damn sure would not turn my back on the senator either.


23 août 2021

It's the same mentality as the democraps and, say, man$ion or $inema or $cummer or pelo$i or biden (remember his participation in starting and continuing the afghan cluster fuck for 20 years)...

yeah, they are all total shit... but where else are their voters gonna go? nazis gotta vote for nazis. morons who are not nazis gotta vote for democraps. It's a law of physics.

cuz that's all there is in the universe. pure evil or worthless feckless corrupt neoliberal fascist pussies. that's it. nothing more.

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