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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

A few words about "Ted" Cruz, aka the very public personification of Republican governance:

I've never had the desire to go to Cancun. It's never seemed to be my kind of place and it definitely isn't if it takes in people like "Ted" Cruz and his family. I mean, can you imagine walking onto a beach or into a hotel and finding not just "Ted" there but his whole damn cretin family? If he wanted to go somewhere hot, he should have just gone where Rush Limbaugh went this week.

"Ted" Cruz is shameless to the point of perversion. Like most Republicans, he might as well be a producer of snuff films. Death and misery is their creed. It just wasn't enough for "Ted" to help incite a murderous attempted overthrow of the United States. It wasn't enough for him to embrace his full traitor essence and vote to, once again, eagerly acquit the traitor who called his wife ugly and said his dad was involved in killing JFK, "Ted" had to deliberately get on a plane and leave his miserable state of Texas in the lurch during its time of greatest need. People are freezing to death, dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, and living in unsanitary, medieval conditions. Fuck if he cares, right? Leave it to "Ted" to commit an ultimate "Let them eat cake" moment. Apparently, everything is bigger in Texas except for human decency and compassion. But, no rational person would expect decency or compassion from a mutant two-legged rat-human hybrid like $enator Cruz.

It gets better: After feeling the massive public backlash for his in-your-face dereliction of duty to the citizens of Texas, "Ted" did a 180 and returned to the U.S. He claimed he was just taking his kids to Cancun and leaving them to enjoy the sun and fun. That's right, he used his own kids as an excuse for his own deplorable behaviour. He blamed his kids! He claims it wasn't a trip for him, you see, despite the luggage and all that. In reality, after the backlash, he quickly scrapped his plan to return to Texas this weekend and hastened back ahead of schedule. He was, unfortunately, let back into the country. Someone should see if the hotel was comped. Which donor paid for the trip? Is drug cartel money involved? Both?

Meanwhile, we can put rovers on Mars but the chimps running Texas can't even winterize a windmill and the rest of their power systems.

Postscript: Although it's probably too late, I feel bad for Cruz's kids. They are in a cage of a different sort. Growing up with a father like "Ted" Cruz means you don't have much of a chance to grow up to be a well-adjusted, mentally stable person. A good foster care program might have saved them from being monsters like their dad.

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