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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

The way I see it, Trump's careful planning and several months-long campaign of incitement is not crime #1. His using of incitement was just a means to an end. Crime #1 was the attempt to overthrow and permanently take over the United States government. Then there is the fact that Trump's party brought the whole 1/6 thing on when they voted not to convict their boy in his first impeachment trial over one year ago when even the abbreviated list of possible articles of impeachment was more than enough to do so. They did so knowing and approving of both what their Dear Leader always has been and what his inevitable behavior would be. 1/6 did not just magically appear.

Now, the party formerly known as the Republican Party has doubled down on their support for their Dear Leader's traitorous coup attempt. So be it. They are who they are. Some fools are almost making apologies for them by calling them spineless or gutless. Don't call them spineless (Save that for Schumer). Don't call them gutless. Call them guilty. They are smug, smirking accessories after the fact.

When the latest Trump impeachment trial ended on Saturday and the McConnell-led Domestic Terror half of the $enate voted on to acquit Trump and endorse the events that their Dear Leader put in motion, with their aid and comfort, the Domestic Terror Party $enators endorsed not only the attempted coup but the murder of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. The Trump 43 voted to all but say "Yes, I am an accessory to murder." Sociopaths and psychopaths that they are, they stated that they had no problem, no problem at all, with the beating of a cop to death at their place of business but what would you expect from people who have no problem with Vladimir Putin and gladly hold out their filthy hands for his money? They also whole-heartedly endorsed the horrid injuries suffered. by 138 of Officer Siknick's fellow officers among the Capitol Police and the Washington Metropolitan Police, not to mention the years of suffering from PTSD that will adversely affect the lives of additional officers and their families forever. Two officers have already committed suicide. How many more will in the coming weeks, months, and years? Blue Lives Matter? Not if you are a Republican.

McConnell's 43 minions of domestic terror endorsed the fact that their mob of medieval goon, Taliban-styled, voters caused bloodshed and smeared their own feces on the walls of democracy's most sacred building. McConnell's crew might as well have done the very same thing themselves. The 43 used their vote to make the statement that they are now, officially, a terror cell working within the $enate itself. Their vote to acquit, is yet another in a long list of deliberate messages to their Dear Leader that all is permissible. It's also a proudly made symbolic clenched fist of support, held high in the air, for everything that their Dear Leader's mob of white supremacist, cop-killing terror goons perpetrated and attempted.

The most radicalized, pro-Domestic Terror $enators such as Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz, made up their minds long ago. On Thursday, 15 of them didn't even bother to attend the trial, preferring to hang out in the cloakroom, the gallery, or the hall. On Sunday, they hit the talk shows in service of Trump and justifying their treasonous, inhuman abuse of the Constitution and our country. How many more police would have had to have been killed on 1/6 for them to actually uphold their oath to the Constitution? 6? 10? 16? Is there even a number? How would they have voted if Pence and/or others had not escaped their mob by mere seconds? Safe to say, it would have been the same.

During the American Revolution, there were plenty of colonial citizens who remained loyal to their mad king. They embraced the madness of King George just as Dear Leader Trump's party embraces the madness of the would be King Donald now. Back in the 1770s, some, like many in today's America, even pretended to believe in the idea and ideals of America. Before he turned traitor, Benedict Arnold was one of those. Now, he is not alone.

One additional thought: The vote to acquit was a vote to encourage another attempt. That's the party platform now.

History is watching.

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