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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Donald J. Trump did much more than incite a murderous white supremacist mob to storm the Capitol Building to disrupt the Electoral College vote count. He did it in an effort to overthrow the United States for the benefit of himself, his family, and his allies both foreign and domestic. He spat on and defecated on his oath to the Constitution and the Constitution itself. Sadly and wrongly, most of the media and those in the political class have concentrated only on the mob incitement and not the even more dire purpose and long term goal Trump and his traitorous allies had in mind.

Now, Trump's second impeachment trial has begun. The world is watching and the world is about to see a textbook example of how big-pocketed, smirking, winking Washington takes care of its own. All that remains to be determined is how many republican $enators will quadruple down on their endorsements of sedition, white supremacy, grifting on a previously unmatched massive scale, conspiracies to murder their colleagues, and the attempt of several of their colleagues and their Dear Leader to overthrow the govenment of the United States Of America and end the very idea of democracy once and for all time. They will also be saying that it is OK to kill a cop as long as you are white and support Trump.

Today's Republicans are so far out to lunch that they would define Democrats voting in Dear Leader's favor as an act of what they call unity. Those who decide in favor of their Dear Leader and against the United States might as well be voting for giving him a medal for his attempted coup. They will also be voting on how badly they will be viewed by posterity. It's not like we don't know where they already stand on most of what I just listed. They've shown that time and time again, but, this time, the murder conspiracy and attempted coup put a fresh coat of vomit on the whole thing. They have gone a step further and, when they fail to do the right and moral thing, they will open the door further to the eventual demise of the already limited democratic experiment designed by the founding fathers. That doesn't bother today's republicans one bit. They are all about the power and the money. They are accomplices.



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