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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

How perfect! Saul Goodman joins Trump legal team! Just in time for Trump's second impeachment trial!

The legal profession used to pretend that at least some of its members had at least a small sense of morality and respect for the law. It used to pretend that it had standards when it came to working within our so-called legal system. In fact, some old school lawyers did have such standards. They weren't all sleazy bagmen like Nixon, Agnew, and Mitchell; maybe most but not all. Nowadays, though, it's easy to conclude that Spiro Agnew is the lofty goal that all law students aspire to be. All you have to do is turn on your TV and watch those lawyer congresscretins and the various Washington defense teams in action. It also becomes apparent that people like Mr. Rudy the Drip and Ms. Sydney Krakenwhore always saw Nixon, Agnew, and Mitchell as icons and idols to be emulated in the legal world. Believe it or not but people like Rafael "Ted" Cruz and Josh "The Fist" Hawley are actual lawyers. They stand as living dead proof that anyone can become a lawyer if they can rustle up enough cash to pay a school to prostitute itself and cough up a JD diploma for you, or, you are lucky enough to find the right matchbook laying on the sidewalk.

So, with all of Trump's lawyers quitting or getting fired every few weeks because even they aren't dirty enough, it would seem perfectly natural if Traitor Don were to hire Saul Better Call Saul Goodman to defend him. After all, if Saul Goodman could keep the country's #1 Meth cooker/dealer Walter White and CARTEL kingpin "Jorge de Guzman" out of prison, he might be able to avert a conviction for Traitor Don, too.

Donnie the Orange Menace to Society needn't worry, though. He needn't worry because he has 50 fellow Nazis in place as $enators on the jury and they, every one of them, support treason, white supremacy, power abuse, and grifting of every kind. They already proved that a year ago with their votes in their boy's first impeachment trial. They see that trial and the election as only being temporary setbacks. Now, they're hoping to acquit him for a second time in order to give their dreams of a Fourth Reich yet another chance.

Saul Goodman might have to disappear though. Mixing with unsavory characters is usually not a good or healthy thing in the end.



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