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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

And now they're called Republicans!

QAnon is the subversive internet equivalent of the late Weekly World News, the National Enquirer, the Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post and FOX "News, and a veritable dung heap of lunatics who masquerade as "news sources" for the rabid right. It is now the driving force of what was once known as the Republican Party and it serves as the party's agenda and platform. It's no surprise that The Enquirer was always one of Trump's favorite "news" publications and its publisher, the ironically named David Pecker (He also published the Weekly World News whose cover is featured in tonight's meme), is one of Trump's pals who has always stood by ready to help. The thing is, though, the internet is the world's biggest amplifier. Unlike the tabloid press, it's in every home, a click away and so easily forwarded to miscreants and gullible fools, so, whatever Q has to say reaches millions of republicans instantly. And, there's no difference between Hillary's alleged alien baby and Jewish lasers from space, except for the fact that now republicans not only actually believe such crap, they even think Hillary will eat the baby, or at least cut its face off, or maybe sell it to a pedophile ring that makes its home in a pizza parlour.

Then there's FOX "News," formerly owned by the aforementioned Rupert Murdoch and now run by Murdoch's sons (Demon Spawn). Kinda like the Boys From Brazil, isn't it? FOX, as far as I know, at least, has never run stories about Hillary Clinton adopting an alien baby but they sure ran with a lot of stories about the Clintons killing Vince Foster and Seth Rich. Totally Tabloid. The latter was a seriously idotic cause celebre of both Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs among others at FOX which recently settled a lawsuit with Rich's parents over the network's horrid, fantastical Q-style lying about his death. Let's also never forget the months (years) FOX has devoted to their claim that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya. Yup. Totally Tabloid, too! FOX "News" is practically "Batboy" TV.

More recently, FOX has been all in about Joe Biden winning the presidency because of allegedly rigged Dominion voting machines and the supposed nefarious efforts of voting technology company Smartmatic even in states where their machinery and technology weren't used. In fact, despite nonstop republican claims otherwise, out of the whole country, Smartmatic's technology was only used in Los Angeles county in 2020 so it would have been impossible for Smartmatic to change who won the election. Smartmatic not only saw the defamatory lies as an existential threat to their company but a threat to whatever is left of American democracy. From Smatmatic's official statement:

The story, of course did more than just make Defendants' money and jeopardize Smartmatic's survival. The story undermined peoples' belief in democracy. The story turned neighbor against neighbor. The story led a mob to attack the U.S. Capitol.

This lengthy joint campaign by the Trump Crime Family and FOX "News" was, of course, all meant to cause the American people to lose whatever faith they had left in the idea of democracy so as to install a dictatorial fascist Trump Family dynasty. Smartmatic rightly felt compelled to sue FOX's fat ass to the tune of $2.7 Billion for its Goebbels-styled "big lie" libel. Dominion had already sued Giuliani and Powell and suits against FOX and other Republican propaganda outlets appear to be in the works. You gotta know that Dominion is in the clear if they step up that much. What were the Murdochs to do now that their sick agenda mongering is attracting an avalanche of lawsuits?

Well, they did it on Friday! They found an easy scapegoat in 157 year old Lou Dobbs. His program on FOX Business has ceased to be. Lou Dobbs, you're fired! On Friday, Lou was named in the Smartmatic suit along with fellow FOX stars Maria Bartiroma, Screamin' Jeanine Pirro, and the B-Team of frequently visiting clowns Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell both of whom have held top positions on Trump's "legal" team. That's quite a collection of outright freaks; the pride of the Republican Party! Dobbs will be paid the money he signed up for with his contract but it's highly doubtful that he will ever be seen again on any Murdoch Family outlet. Where you will see him is at the 2024 Domestic Terrorist (nee Republican) Party Convention and in personal appearances with the party's candidates as long as he lives. He is a martyr for fascism now.

You knew they wouldn't fire Hannity, even if he does provide the biggest forum for Rudy Giuliani and his non-stop spraying of sweat, saliva, bad hair dye and lies. He's a big star when it comes to the FOX dual agenda of white supremacy and building a fourth reich. He makes a shitload of money for FOX. Likewise, they weren't about to dump ol' Tiki Torch Tucker due to the same reasons. I mean, c'mon, they have a lot invested in Mr. Tiki Torch spreading white supremacy cult memes from places like South Africa. So, Ol' Lou Dobbs drew the Trumpy short stick. It was a PR move and FOX thinks it gives them some sort of cover and makes them look responsible by taking the right but woefully insincere and woefully late corrective measures. "See. We're sensitive to our problem. No offence was intended." Bullshit.

Oh, and also on Friday, AON ran three hours (Three hours!) of Mr. Foam Pillowhead ranting and raving like the absolute madman that all these Trump Goons are about his "absolute proof" that Joe Biden and the dreaded democrats stole the election. With the help of alien babies that he rescued from the dinner plates of democrats, no doubt.


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Feb 08, 2021

and now the idiots run the shithole. prolly because by now there just are nothing BUT idiots here (154 million at least).

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