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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah Just to be clear, the Domestic Terrorist Party's conspiracy belief system is not a joke. To them it is a religion, and a fanatical one at that. The Q might as well stand for Qaeda. On Wednesday afternoon, the party, formerly known as "the Republicans" gave Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new face of their party, a standing ovation after she addressed the backlash her stated beliefs created among normal people. On Thursday afternoon 199 of 210 domestic terror supporters in the House of Representatives voted to keep her in the committee position their leader, Kevin McCarthy gave her. She's off the House Education and Labor Committee now but that isn't about to stop their psychopathological treasonous insanity. It's only a matter of time now before we see people like Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, and the rest, all dancing around in the streets outside the Capitol Building shooting their AK-47s and AR-15s into the air while waving their Trump flags. In fact, it will probably soon be a requirement if you want to have the full perks of party membership. It's who they are and it's what they've been working towards for 50 years. Greene's fellow fans of white supremacy, anti-Semiticsm, murder and violent overthrow of the government are all in in their support for her and Thursday's vote drove home what the rational among us already knew. Greene's Party has fully embraced her and what she stands for, whether she sits on a committee or not and none of that should come as a surprise. They haven't changed. They are simply glad to have someone they feel is a new star in their party join them as a front. If Rudy Giuliani or Mr. Pillowwacko ever gets elected to congress, they'll get a standing ovation in a meeting room too. The nature of the party formerly known as the Republican Party is now such that James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald would get public support and standing ovations as well. Can't you just see it? The conspiracies and murder charges surrounding the latter two would just add to their appeal within the party. Ah, but have you ever asked yourself what kind of DT Party member you would be if you became insane enough to join up with the crazies? Do you wonder if you would fit in at all? Would you call yourself a DT for Domestic Terrorist or Donald Trump, or both? Or would you just be "old school" and adhere to calling yourself a republican? It's no matter. It's all one in the same, but, what's your number one conspiracy? C'mon, if you're going to join up, ya gotta have at least one favorite! That's what the chart above is about! And don't worry. You can go for all of the ablove. That's definitely encouraged by the party leadership! That's how far gone they are! You can talk to any republican at all for 10 minutes and all the options will surface one by one. I know! I've done it! I've met republicans. I just let them talk and out it comes! So, without further ado, check out which Domestic Terrorist Party conspiracy fits you the most? Just start with the month of your birth, go to your fave color, factor in your initial, and there you are! You're ready to join up with a cult of the most bizarro and dangerous nincompoops in all creation.



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