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Midnight Meme Of The Day

by Noah

Tonight's meme features the new Queen of Republicanism, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who whines and complains about how she's being censored and oppressed while sitting in front of an open microphone, broadcasting to the world from the floor of the U.S. Congress that she'd just as soon burn to ashes. Believe me Marjorie, you've been heard. Your party has given you one of the biggest soapboxes and they've done it in order to get their insane messaging out to the world, yet most people in your mental condition would be lucky to have a real soapbox to stand on and rant your insanity in a village square. Yeah, I know you're jealous that your fellow goons, like the ones on FOX "News," get a TV show to do the same thing but maybe if you play your cards right...

The Republicans just keep on coming up with an endless supply of total lunatics. They must have some sort of special school of assholeness or nihilism factory where they make them. Repugs must be trained in the arts of the crazy before they're even allowed to run for office. They don't stop at being a racist, a religious fanatic, treating a calling a plague a hoax and treating a plague like a hoax, insisting that "Obama is a Muslim," being Parkland, New Town, and, climate deniers, and even in sooo many cases 9/11 deniers, too. You don't have to believe in all of it but you better believe in 90% of it if you aim to be a republican in good standing. Just look at the "news" and propaganda outlets they tune-in to. Sure, those are the usual key qualifications for party membership (along with being white) but going the whole nine yards into Crazyville is the all-encompassing need if you are to go far in the world of knuckledraggin' Republicanism.

Mental Case Marjorie is the latest in a long, long line of Trump goons that have assumed the mantle of "Face Of The Republican Party" aka Domestic Terror Party. Don't buy into the establishment media bullcrap that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy simply made a mistake when he gave her a committee position. He knew exactly who and what Greene is and did what he did as an act of support for her and her message. He signed up with it, pledged allegiance to it if you will. Now he and his treason caucus are claiming not just victimization but "free speech" as if free speech entitles you to yell fire in a crowded building.

So many crazies-so little time to mention them all! Paul Goser, Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks, Ted Cruz, Sydney Powell, the entire coked-up Trump administration and family, entire Republican state legislatures like Arizona and Wisconsin, Sean Hannity, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Tommy Tuberville... Each one that comes along is usually worse than the one before. We've already witnessed these kooks deliberately going maskless with malice and infecting other congresspersons with a deadly virus and encouraging their fellow white supremacists to come kill some people at their own workplace. They're also refusing to go through security and getting away with not checking their guns at the door. The next ones will be bringing live rattlesnakes onto the House floor to do some sort of Christian Republikook snake handler thing or just throw them at Democrats, and, if anyone so much as raises an eyebrow, the Repugs will play that victim card that they pride themselves on playing so well but what do they expect when they make daily bizarro claims about things like Jewish space lasers?

I'll close with a personal message to Marjorie Taylor Greene: Marjorie, has it ever occurred to you that you're being used? Has it ever occurred to you that yes, your party agrees with you and everything that you say and like on social media and wants your message out there but knows that, once you become too much of a pariah and liability in any way shape or form, they will dump you like the dump that you are?



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