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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

If today's Republicans were Muslims from Afghanistan, they would already be on the No-Fly List. To be fair (and I'm always fair), let me say that in a more moderate and accurate way: If today's Republicans were Muslims from anywhere in the Middle East or Far East, 98% of them would already be on the No-Fly List. They have given us plenty of notice as to who and what they are. The problem with both versions of my opening statement tonight is that it would be damn hard to find a Muslim Republican, or at least one who the party would allow to run for office. However, the essential point of my statement is still true. So, OK, just so you know I'm not now or have ever been a Republican, I will be generous in spirit and go down to 97%.

There's a real problem here in America now that the Republican Party has decided to brand itself as the Domestic Terror Party under the leadership and guidance of Trump, McConnell, McCarthy, Cruz, Carlson, Paul, Haley, Hawley, Greene, Gohmert, Boebert, Rubio, Ivanka, McDaniel, Ingraham, Hannity, et. al. for now and the reasonably foreseeable future. Would you want to fly on a plane with a republican of today? Would you feel safe if you saw Josh Hawley (who once wrote a column defending Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh's militia group), the Camp Auschwitz guy, or some other terrorist leader in the first class section as you boarded? How would you feel if you saw Josh Hawley stand up and raise his fist as a signal to the coach cabin like he did at the Capitol on 1/6? Should terrorist leaders and terrorist sympathizers be allowed to fly at all? Do we just continue to let them fly and then express shock when something horrific happens? Do we just wait for the next murder at the Capitol Building or a pipebomb actually goes off and kills a House representative's family? What is it about us that makes us not learn from our biggest mistakes of the past?

Let me single out just one more of the traitors I mentioned. Nikki Haley is one hell of a real republican goon. She, like the rest of the goons I listed above, says we should "just move on," no worries, no punishments for Dear Leader, and send a message that all is permissible, even sending a mob of your fellow travelers and compadres out to kill, just like Charlie Manson did. But, we have already heard warnings of more to come from intelligence authorities that are now monitoring these extremists. We have seen Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's conversations about plans with her comrades and fans. Who knows what nuts like Mr. Pillowwacko are up to? We saw 1/6. We lived 1/6. And, this year is a leap year.

If you see something, say something. Whatever happened to that? Never forget what these people dream of.

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