• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

House Republican Minority Leader has chosen his side. There are plenty of horrid things to know about House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy but I'll just stick with this week. If you want to know the essence of being Kevin McCarthy, here is all you really need to know:

1. He's against any and all punishment for ex-President Trump for his role in the treasonous attempted coup and murder conspiracies of 1/6.

2. When it became known that one of his new proteges, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a protege McCarthy literally said he welcomed, advocated assassinating Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and numerous other top democrats, Kevin McCarthy said he would "have a talk with her."

3. Oh, he had a talk with her alright. He had that talk with her and rewarded her with a plum position on the House Education And Labor Committee. That move is obviously designed to give Greene a larger platform for the complete insanity of today's Republican Party. They are very good at spreading diseases of all sorts.

4. He then got on a plane to Mar-a-lago to meet with his master and mentor Donald J. Trump on bended knee of fealty. Trump calls Greene a "rising star of the Republican Party" and he appears to be right for once. She IS today's Republican Party.

House Education? Marjorie Taylor Greene did not have to be appointed to any committee at all but McCarthy not only gave her a position, he sent a cynical and, yes, deplorable message with that appointment. You see, Rep. Greene insists that the various school shootings such as Sandy Hook and Parkland were false flag events or, like so many republican luminaries and voters still claim, hoaxes. Taking a page out of the FOX "News" playbook, Marjorie Taylor Greene even followed David Hogg, the now gun control activist who survived the mass murder in Parkland, around saying that he was a "crisis actor" paid by George Soros. Evidently, Kevin McCarthy appreciates that kind of horrid character and believes the same things; either that or he's hoping that his message inspires more such shootings. What other reason could there possibly be?

Not only should Marjorie Taylor Greene be expelled from Congress, so should Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Immediately. But, with a two-thirds majority needed for expelling a member of Congress... Well, don't count on even one or two republicans voting for that. They are way too busy supporting the ideas behind their attempted coup and wiping their asses with the Constitution while they burn their oath to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kevin McCarthy are who republicans are. Greene and McCarthy are them and they are Greene and McCarthy, all one in the bond of Trump.

So, now watch as Republicans and the rest of the "Jews will not replace us crowd" continue to embrace and promote Greene and those just like her in Congress, and zero meaningful and successful action is taken by House Democrats and the rest of Washington. Watch law enforcement do nothing and express surprise at the next attempt at government overthrow. Let me guess: Maybe a meaningless vote for removal from the committee Greene now sits on or a toothless, limp-wristed, farcical censure (one has already been proposed) instead of expulsion, trial and a lengthy prison term for sedition or worse depending on what has yet to be uncovered? Fake punishments like censure that will only enable and encourage more of the same treachery. If Greene ends up shooting a colleague on the House floor, it will only make her an even bigger hero among her fellow repugs. They'll be high-fiving in the cloakroom. That is who they are. You think Gym Shower Jordan and Louie Gohemert won't be laughing? If Kevin McCarthy has his way, the 2024 Republican ticket for president and vice president will be Trump/McCarthy, with Marjorie Taylor Greene in the crack pipeline to be House Speaker.