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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

I've been wondering what to do with so many Bernie memes. By one count there are literally millions, and why shouldn't there be? Bernie is an inspiring man walking among the comatose.

In the end, I decided to set aside a bunch of them for my annual end of year review, knowing that more will also surface as 2021 goes on. Meanwhile, I picked just one (the one above) for the one week anniversary of the Biden/Harris inauguration which, as we all know, is where the infamous Bernie in the chair picture was taken. The one I chose may be my favorite, not just because I like Bernie but because I despise Mike Pence and all of the rancid bullcrap Mike Pence stands for. Make that fly-covered bullcrap. I would also hate to think that, in all the news of the day, people might forget about Mike Pence and what he is. He can still run for office and it's clear he intends to.

Maybe Bernie can wiggle around in that chair just to irritate the hell out of Pence, but, knowing what we've seen in the recent past, I'm not sure Pence would even notice. He's that desensitized to reality.

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