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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Make no mistake. At least since 1968, anti-semitism, racism, and bigotry of all kinds has been the lifeblood of Republicanism. It has always been the lifeblood of conservative movements in this country back to even before we were a country. The proof in recent times is in how the Republican Party uses bigotry to raise so much of the money they use to run their party and their candidates' campaigns. There was Nixon's Southern Strategy. There was the heinous message of Reagan launching his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. There were Republican luminaries like $enate Majority Leader Trent Lott, who once shared office space with the KKK, speaking at the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens or CCC as have way too many others. Then there were the evil machinations against Florida's black voters by "Jeb" Bush and Kathryn Harris in 2000. In the last 20 years, not a thing has changed as Republicans have constantly moved to dismantle every Civil Rights and Voting Rights law in the land. This is who they are. This is their DNA. Birtherism, whether it's directed at Barack Obama or Kamala Harris is a republican sacrement. And, never forget that Dirtbag Donnie's "very fine people" chanted "Jews will not replace us" over and over again as they marched in Charlottesville and murdered a counter protester. Never forget.

The bigotry of Republicans can be easily seen in the votes from the 2020 election that they have put the country through hell in their efforts to throw them out. The votes in places like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee were cynically or "politely" referred to as "urban votes" but it is plain as day what Republicans meant and still mean. Trump, Giuliani, Powell, the republicans in Congress all took the position that African-American votes are illegal votes and Latino votes are illegal votes. Think not? Just watch Trump's battalion of fluffers on FOX "News," AON, Newsmax, WND and every other republican "news" operation as they pretend they had nothing to do with their Dear Leader's attempted coup last week.

In fact, every single one of the FOX on air "talent" that I have seen in the last few days, Hannity, Ingraham, you name it, has tried to place blame for their attempted coup by pointing fingers at the Antifa groups that were so active during the BLM protests this past summer. They are desperately trying to have us believe the coup was attempted not by Republican groups like the Proud Boys, the Michigan Militia and the Boogaloo Boys but by Antifa infiltrators contrary to the Mt. Everest of evidence to the contrary. Cute, isn't it. They are pathetic, beyond the pale. The words on the shirts of the traitors who stormed the Capitol Building give the lie to that. This will only get worse, folks, especially if there is no attempt or only a halfway attempt to put an end to it. Trump himself says 1/6 is only the beginning. A clearer message has never been sent. If we don't end this movement of theirs, we shouldn't be shocked at the right's future violence and mayhem just like we shouldn't be shocked at what happened on Wednesday. Too many of us naively slept. Many of the authorities, and politicians of all parties, did so deliberately both through their own stupidity and/or whatever agendas they have. These republican shock troops, Trump's Army, told us they would do it and they did it. They are now telling us now what they will do and they will. They aren't going away even if Trump goes away. We continue to ignore them at our peril. Old man Biden needs to be woken up.The Republican Party is now The DT Party. Whether the DT stands for Donald Trump or Domestic Terror matters not. Next time it will be all guns blazing. In the words of Don Jr., they have told us "We're coming after you."

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