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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts

Sigh. George Carlin would have been such a better president than we ever get. Imagine, too, a whole Senate and House full of George Carlins, Carlins of every color and gender!

The churches should have started paying taxes the moment they crossed the line of separation between church and state. That was a very long time ago of course so a lot of interest should have accrued by now and most Americans could use that kind of money right about now. In recent times, the churches have inserted themselves in issue discussions involving LGBTQ rights and, of course, there's the Catholic's long standing anti-choice stance. Also, so many churches, most obviously the evangelical ones, are so blatantly for anything proposed by our psychopathic "president." Some are even outspoken about not wearing masks (Orthodox Synagogues, too) and love holding super spreader events that endanger us all. All in all, I guess our places of worship are just a bunch of welfare queens. They just love that "free stuff," as the repugs would say, that "socialism." Think of that the next time the collection plate comes around or your fave TV preacher asks your grandma to send her social security check.

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