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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Hey folks, meet Chewbacca With Horns! He's the new Republican hero! No doubt he (it) has already been booked for multiple Hannity appearances. I bet he'll (it'll) run for president in 2024. I can see the MAGA helmets with horns now! You think it's far fetched? 70,000,000 nutjobs voted for an orange-faced psychopath in a fright wig so why not. That's the way Republicans roll. 70,000,000 Repugs wearing fur and horns, screaming about socialism, baby parts, and BLM. Move over Kyle Rittenhouse. You're too young anyway. Besides, you're just a vigilante killer. Chewy here is a traitor with an armed break-in or criminal trespass problem and that's just for starters! Might he be Sydney Powell's secret cross-species lovechild? Rudy Giuliani's hairdresser? Who knows? We may be finding out soon!



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