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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Double standard? You bet. Every picture tells a story.

What's the Trump government's answer to Confederate flag-waving white supremacists and Taliban-style armed domestic terrorists? Minimal security when anyone with a brain knew what happened would happen. Trump even told them to come saying it would "be wild." It was, to say the least. Sadly, one person has died. Not sad to lowlifes like Trump and Moscow Mitch McTraitor, though.

The Capitol cops just didn't see the Republican Taliban as a threat. Many of them even posed with these terrorists for selfies. Why? Obviously they relate to them. They thought they were friends. Most cops see Nazis as good guys. We know what they tend to think of African-Americans. I know what the Capitol Police and the DC Police are. I witnessed it when I lived there. What we've seen there in the past year hasn't changed my mind. They essentially opened the door to this every bit as much as Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Moscow Mitch, Louie Gohmert, et. al. They are all traitors and should be given the boot and tried for sedition or treason. In fact all 53 $enators who voted not to remove Trump back on the day of infamy of February 5th should be as well. They knew. They supported Trump and they still do or else he'd be gone. Yeah, I know I've said that many times but the effect of not removing Trump was well-illustrated when those thugs moved on the Capitol, wasn't it. The blood of the woman who died is on all of their hands every bit as much as all of the unnecessary deaths due to COVID-19 and the suicides caused by the economic mayhem that ensued. Right now, as I write this on Wednesday evening, Hawley is speaking! He's allowed to speak! Outloud, in public! He's allowed to speak as if he wasn't a major instigator of the violence and chaos that happened in the very chamber where he is speaking just a few hours before. He's not in chains! He's up there speaking as if he's a decent human being. He's on my damn TV. On MSNBC! What a disgrace. Those clowns in suits really do take care of each other don't they. The line used to stop right after scumbag but now being a seditionist, cheering for death, and being a traitor to this country are all perfectly acceptable if you're in either house of Congress. "Are you now or have you ever been a traitor? A murderer? Fine! Welcome! Come on in! Place your hand on this bible and repeat after me!"

Shame on Speaker Pelosi for not introducing new articles of impeachment as soon as the pipe bombs were cleared out and Congress was back in session. Write 'em up. You don't need 60 pages. 1 will do. Call a vote on the articles. Send them to the $enate for a vote an hour later and haul the Orange Menace to Society out of the White House at 4 in the morning. What's it gonna take? Trump ordering airstrikes on American cities that voted against him? What part of he's a raving lunatic do they not understand? They swore an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. That means nothing to them. Less than nothing. It's a laugh. Tell that to all the people who died in all our wars.

The BLM Washington protest? They went to Lafayette Square opposite the White House, chanted, put up signs on the fence but they didn't storm the White House fences and grounds. They didn't bring guns. They didn't bring pipe bombs. As I said yesterday, if BLM had done what the MAGA domestic terrorists did they would have been shot or clubbed to death enmasse, and people like McConnell, Cruz, and Grand Wizard Tucker Tiki Torch would nod in approval.


As you no doubt know by now, Speaker Pelosi has detected which way the breeze is blowing. Impeachment may actually be approaching. It can't come too soon but I won't hold my breath waiting.

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