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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

So last week, Scrooge McTraitor only agreed to any stimulus package at all coming up for a $enate vote because of his own personal selfish reasons and those of his owners and controllers in Moscow and on K Street. Call it a maganimous gesture. By his own words, he admitted that $enator Loeffler and $enator Perdue "are getting hammered" over the lack of a stimulus bill. And, if those two were to lose the upcoming Georgia election, he would no longer be $enate Majority Whore.

Personally, I have always believed that a well-applied hammer, be it Ball Peen, Claw, or Sledge, can be of great benefit to society. The same goes for a well-placed assortment of steak knives or other possible blades, as you will see at the end of this post.

Ah, but meanwhile, let's see now if we end up with any stimulus bill at all. We might even find out today. Once the Repugs reluctantly allowed their paltry compromise $600 "stimulus" bill to pass, The Orange Monkey Face immediately threw his wrench into the whole thing and said the $600 checks should become $2000 checks. It's all a blatant, self-centered, and totally insincere effort to curry favor with working Americans. No doubt, Trumpanzee's done this hoping for an increase of support from the critically thinking-challenged for his coup attempts. "Hey, he got me a few hundred bucks. I like this totalit... what do you call it? Totalitwhat... er, dictator thing. MAGA! MAGA! That's worth enslaving immigrant kids and then my kids and grandkids, too!"

Next thing we knew, the House Dems said, "Fine. We'll go back to our original proposal. $2000 it is! Well, Queen Mitch wasn't gonna put up with that! He'd just worked so hard to get it down to $600 and $600 was bad enough! And, he'd just seen the whole thing come to a screeching halt. He said no to any increase and his troops dutifully followed suit.

Quaint notions of bipartisanship have nothing to do with passing a stimulus bill in Scrooge McTraitor's evil mind. He and his party came to the very idea of any bill that put money in the hands of working people while throwing a fit and entering kicking and screaming mode. For them it's all about "I've got mine, Jack" and delivering pain to working Americans as a means for behavioural modification.

Let's see if the Republicans now or ever support $600, $2000, or something/anything in between. Traitor Don has given them a reason to back away. If they do vote for a package now, it will all be for the cause of maintaining the majority with which they can screw "ordinary Americans" even more in the near future, maybe in some new and innovative ways, too. That, and the self-serving "pork" that politicians of all parties love too, of course.

Now, it's all up in the air and Americans are suffering. Unemployment benefits have now ended for millions of Americans, a swell Christmas gift from the sadistic team they masochistically voted for! Americans suffering, especially needlessly, is all good as far as Mitch and his kind are concerned. "You want pain and suffering? I'll give you pain and suffering! I'm all about the pain and suffering. I'm the Grim Reaper!!" But all this must be a dilemma for Moscow Mitch. On the one hand he'd have to give the working people of America at least a tiny, temporary break if a stimulus helps those two republican assclowns in Georgia and therefore him and the rest of his party's $enatorial dirtbags keep their majority. On the other hand, if there's no stimulus, maybe he loses his POSition and all the graft and rubles that come with it but he gets to screw millions. What's it gonna be Mitch?

In the old days, they knew how to treat a scumbag. We've forgotten that in large part because we don't have people in power who stand up for us any more than just going through the motions, and we don't stand up for ourselves either either when we vote or by paying these assholes a visit. All we do is pay their salaries and pay for their limos and healthcare.

Mitch has probably always had a special role model kind of place in his tiny charred heart for Marie Antoinette anyway.


The heat and the fear of losing the $enate majority was too much as virtually every Repug $enator begged their Trumpanzzed to back down and sign the bill. The Orange Menace signed the stimulus plan into law tonight after the damaging delay which means that Americans enrolled in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs will likely not receive a payment to cover the last week of the year, and the $300 of additional unemployment benefits may only last 10 weeks, not the expected 11. Nice goin' Messrs Trump and McConnell. $600 was bad enough but you even managed to take a nick out of that. All part of the Grand Old Plan of death by a thousand cuts.



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