• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Some people have a really sick sense of self-entitlement.

Tonight, we're thinking about sociopathic, hyper-hypocritical, crackpot "COVID is a hoax" promoters who jumped to the head of the COVID vaccination line. "Me first! Me first!" Talkin' 'bout you Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. You and like-minded others in your POSition who have never contributed anything to the betterment of the country, you who live by sponging off our tax dollars and whatever graft you can glom, you who are so steeped in your overflowing rancid sense of self-importance and entitlement that you think you deserve the vaccine before the seniors, healthcare workers, and those who work in meat processing plants, etc. that you have dedicated your lives against, not to mention colleagues who sounded the alarm. At least you are consistent. I'll give you a little credit for that. Now go do the world a favor and die horribly and alone.