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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

And a good morning to you all!

Courtesy of the DWT Department of the Things You Can't Unsee, here's a photo of several Proud Boys at the Republican Party Smells Like Ass March Against Reality in Washington this past weekend. I'm so sorry that the last syllable of Antifa was cut out of the photo field, but with such wide butts, the intrepid photographer would have needed a fisheye lens, at the very least! You'll just have to console yourselves knowing that Mr. TI's ass can be seen from the real moon.

I never figured Lindsey Graham for a "Bear Guy" I mean, I can definitely see Moscow Mitch snuggling up to a big ol' hairy bear on the side, but Lindsey? I would have thought he went for another type, or at least something in orange and high heels or maybe lifts in his shoes. Well, whatever floats his boat! You readers know I'd never be judgemental.

There's another story here, a story behind the photo. Verillas, the company that makes those yellow and black kilts being lifted by the group of Republican assholes in the photo is not happy. They are, in fact, rightfully horrified. Anyone should be, but Verillas is a company built on a LGBTQ+ ethos and, by their count, those Wide Load Boys are wearing over $750 of their fashion products including the snappy yellow and black kilts. Cool people that the folks at Verillas are, they didn't feel all warm and fuzzy over the fact that a bunch of fascist terrorist bigots were wearing their products, so they immediately donated $1000 to the NAACP.

Now the only question I have about the Proud Boys fashion statement is what exactly did they mean by writing "Fuck Antifa" on their butt cheeks? I wish I could ask a member of the group. Is this a multi-layered statement? A simple double entendre? A Freudian slip?

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