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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

So much losing! And Trump just keeps on asking for it! I think Biden has beaten Trump at least 5 times in the last two weeks, or is it once for every lost court case? On Friday, when the news broke that the Supreme Court made it clear that he had lost again, the news came during the White House Christmas Party/Super Spreader. Perfect timing of a loser! The Orange Menace stayed in his bedroom upstairs fuming and chewing on his red maga blankie. Imagine throwing a party and not attending because you'd rather indulge in another mentally ill sulkathon. Damn. All the invitations had gone out. The trays of hamberders and the drinks had arrived. Even a busload of Proud Boys came. C'mon Donnie! Come down! Come on! Please, come down, Donnie. Please. We'll have Mike Pence dress up as a drag singer named Iskanka and sing "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To." Please, Donnie.

Well, I guess we're lucky he didn't take his soggy red blankie and hang himself. If he had, the Repugs would blame everyone but themselves. The thing is, though, I'd be surprised if such an extreme narcissist offed himself, nor would I want him to do so. I'd rather see him be continually reminded what a total loser he is and suffer for the rest of his days.

Don't worry Donnie! You'll always be #1 with your fellow crazies. You'll always be a hero to them just like bin Laden is a hero to his crazies. Even now, they are pushing to form a new confederacy or at least some new states. One group of sicko separatist clowns wants to form a state called New California and another one called New Nevada. The two filed a brief in support of the indicted Texas AG's lawsuit against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. These loons are a clear and present danger to the United States. They walk around us almost like normal people. Put them in an asylum and let them think they've achieved their goal. Put Trump in the same nuthouse with a fake oval office. Cut him off from the outside world before he starts selling our state secrets for cash and assignations with Russian whores.



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