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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Here ya go, another of Donnie Death Machine's "Best People." This smiling psycho face belongs to Emily Murphy. Trump appointed her to head up the General Services Administration and, among other things, it's her job to determine when a presidential candidate has either won re-election or is the new President Elect. If the winner is to be a new president, the vital period of transition begins as soon as the GSA Administrator (in this case Murphy) declares that the election winner is the President Elect. It's the step before the Electoral College vote but it's extremely important. Once the transition period officially begins, the new president is filled in on various intelligence matters, crisis issues, and other matters related to the general well-being of America and its citizens. Until then, the new president is kept mostly in the dark when it comes to the fine details and will have to go through a risky period of unnecessary catch up. Our adversaries, be they other countries, things of economic importance, domestic or foreign terrorists, or viruses don't take time off, which means that it's important for an incoming president to be up to speed asap.

As it is right now, Emily Murphy is endangering the security of this country and the lives of every American in it. Wouldn't you want President Elect Biden to be up to date on any new terrorist threats? Murphy's refusal to declare Joe Biden the President Elect is especially insane in light of the coronavirus pandemic. If President Elect Biden is not put in the loop, seeing what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong, then, come January, more Americans will die than they would if he was already in on the plans to deal with the virus. Murphy's deliberate foot dragging is immediatelydangerous to every woman, child, and man in America. More specifically, her continued delaying of the transition to the Biden administration is screwing with the safe, timely, and efficient distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines which will become available in 2021. She is pointedly and deliberately exacerbating the nightmare of the humanitarian crisis that we are all living in thanks to Trump's psychosis. People like Emily Murphy are not chosen by Trump by accident.

Why is Emily Murphy orchestrating this murderous delay? Well, aside from the fact that she's another one of Trump's crack(head) team of psychopaths and sociopaths, she's doing it for money. Emily Murphy is standing on the proverbial dark republican street corner in hopes of a future major payday reward in the form of her next job, a job the Republican Party infrastructure will surely reward her with if she continues to delay the transition. No lives matter, except their own. Murphy regards herself and her bank account as more important than the health and lives of her fellow citizens. In that way, her narcissism is much like that of the creature who appointed her. If she makes Biden's job more difficult when he takes office on January 20th, the Republican Party will consider that to be a job well down and she will be paid handsomely with some new high-paying high-bullshit job. How many deaths will be on her hands? It matters not, to her. She is no more than a mentally diseased, flea-bitten rat pissing on America.

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