• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

New York law enforcement officials have often been quoted as saying that the most dangerous place to be in New York is to find yourself, as they have many times, between Rudy Giuliani and a microphone or camera.

Imagine the amount of megalomania that keeps Rudy going in front of the cameras to spit and sweat multiple times a day, cheap hair dye streaming down his face like the sad clown that he is. He's America's Clown to Donnie's Russian Puppet. Now Rudy's hot air filled balloon of an ego dooms him to a future of carrying a portable podium from town to town like some old west seller of bogus patent medicines. Rudy's portable podium is probably folded up into an attache case or maybe it just folds up into something with wheels and a handle, with a few very smelly rags and sponges attached.

Eventually, Rudy will run out locations next to his beloved dildo emporiums. Then, we will see him head to the wide open spaces of the American prairies to set up his podium and, in his dementia and madness, address audiences of dozens of prairie dogs. I hope the press follows him. Sure Republicans will see nothing amiss but the spectacle will be worth it.

Rudy and Donnie are bound together in their treason, in their evil, in their decades of cons and scams. Neither wears it well. Sure, the $20,000 per day that Rudy thinks his pal Donnie will pay him helps to motivate his continued loyalty but that's delusion. It's part of Rudy's insanity and dementia. The thing is though, these two freaks are bound together by the things they know about each other, decades of things. They go way back together, through the sewers of New York, and now Washington, all the way to Moscow and back. Neither man dare speak about what he knows about the other.