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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

How 'bout a little music for a Saturday?

We've all had that experience of someone overstaying their welcome. I'm sure I've been that person myself! But, then, there's the bridge too far. The Orange Blob just wants to stay and stay and stay, and be the thing that wouldn't leave.

C'mon, Donnie. The fumigators need to get started. You know how to leave, don't you? You just put one clumsy foot in front of another and go. Take your whole Grifty McGrifter crime family and all your sleazebag staff with you. Load all your shit in a truck, a big truck, and go. We know you love big trucks, and you can only lie, but you gotta go. Take your golden toilet and your golden drapes but leave the silverware. Oh, and, please, don't leave Pence in the closet.

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