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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Easter Sunday Thoughts:

Here's a fun fact: Strictly speaking, Jesus Christ was not a carpenter. As originally written in Greek, the Gospel of Mark refers to Jesus as following in the footsteps of his father Joseph (Mark 6:2-3). Joseph is said to be a "tecton" (or "tekton" in the Gospel Of Matthew). In Greek, a tecton is a contractor or handyman. In short, Joseph and Jesus were guys who, among other talents, knew how to fix your leaky roof, the bricks in the walkway in front of your house, build a safe home fireplace, or whatever. Woodworking was just part of the job. Joseph was a Mr. Fix-It and so was his son, until he became a teacher or "Rabbi." It's a minor point in a much bigger story but it does go to show that maybe people should read the Bible more closely, with a broader understanding of what they're reading rather than seeing only what they want to see.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate the day.

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