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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

The Domestic Terrorism Party is doing everything they can to delay the COVID-19 Relief bill being passed and having it's benefits reaching the American people. Their action against it is all about hurting as many Americans as they can for as long as they can. Even a day or two of delay, hell, even an hour or two is something Repugs consider a plus. If someone made a voodoo doll facsimile of you, Moscow Mitch's minions would line up to stick a handful of pins into it but certainly not a vaccine needle into you. The bill includes money for vaccine distribution, money for small businesses, survival checks for families, and even money needed for education. The latter is particulary disagreeable to the repugs and having a minimum wage raise, whether in the bill or separately, is already more than an Edmund Pettis bridge too far when your party of domestic terrorists and domestic terror fellow travelers has a long range goal of total slavery for the 99%. It's what psychopaths and sociopaths do.

One of the looniest of the psychopaths, Putin Award winner $en QRon "Antifa did it" Johnson of Nutball, Wisconsin, has made plans to delay passage of the bill by demanding that the whole thing, 600+ pages, be read aloud in the $enate chamber and then offer "every amendment I can think of" to further tie up the aid that Americans need immediately. I note that he didn't plan to read the 600+ pages himself, preferring like any Republican, to have the hired help read it. In this case it's the $enate Parliamentarian clerical staff. Of course, that made me wonder if $enator QRon can read himself. I'll be kind and just say the odds are 50-50. Funny how $enators can object to the American people getting a measly $1400 check (or a fair minimum wage) while they all, every one of them, have their grubby paws held out for millions in K Street welfare.

I do have to wonder what other filibuster-type readings Johnson's Domestic Terrorism $enator collegues considered. Perhaps they considered readings from Trump's sacred book of Hitler's speeches that one of his ex-wives says he keeps on his bedside table to read himself to sleep and have what he considers sweet dreams. Hey, why not read Mein Kampf in multiple Northern European languages? Oh well, I suppose we should just consider ourselves lucky that Moscow Mitch didn't have Fled Cruz and Field Marshall Hawley assemble their white supremacist troopers for another disruptive attack on the Capitol Building.

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Alan Parker
Alan Parker
Mar 06, 2021

Ron Johnson The Winner Of The Louie Gohmert Award Of The Senate!

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