Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Texas Governor Greg(?) Abbott has found the most cynical and destructive way to divert attention from his self-induced powergrid clusterphuck. Note that I'm not sure if Greg is his first name but does it matter? There are so many ways to spell 'asshole' these days and he's not even worth getting his name right. His name could be Jim Bob. Greg Bob, or Greggy Sue for all I know or care. An idiot by any other name!

Anyway, Abbott is a psychopath just like his Dear Leader Trump. They get off on people dying unnecessarily and they prove it in their actions. There can be no other explanation. What Abbott has done is a win-win for him. It diverts focus from the blame he shares with the energy company CEOs that own him for the tragic cascading events during the cold snap and it increases his cherished dream of a growing death toll. I guess he just wasn't satisfied with the death toll from his state's grid collapse fiasco! Being a complete psychopath, he knew exactly what to do; turn his state into a gigantic superspreader event. "Off with the masks, everybody! Off with the masks!"

In two or three weeks, Abbott's state will see a gigantic growth in COVID-19 cases and deaths. That's porn to republicans. It's one thing to increase the numbers of cases and deaths through ignorance of detail or lack of evidence as to what could happen, but, in Abbott's case, he's had the advantage of a full year of seeing how COVID-19 spreads, seeing who is most vulnerable, and seeing that masks go a long way in prevention of the spread of this plague. Knowing all of that, he chose to spread human misery and death and ended his state's mask mandate. He's a republican all the way!

Postscript: Just because I'm always a very fair guy, I would not mind seeing "My Governor Is An Idiot" masks for almost every state in the union. Why not? They are. They might not all be psychopaths like Abbott but idiots? You bet! Count up the number of idiot governors. It'll take a while. And why stop there? How about memorializing $enators with your mask? If I lived in West Virginia, I'd surely be wearing one today; thinking of you Joe Manchin! Kentucky, with Rand Paul and Moscow Mitch? That's a whole ski mask worth right there! I live in New York, so I'll take three! So, yeah! Lots of masks! Collect 'em all.