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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Every cult has a god. People worship and idolize lots of highly questionable things. It usually has to do with appeasement in one form or another; that and insecurity and paranoia. Gee, some might even say that faith is delusion.

People even sacrifice their own children, or would if their god told them to. That one's as old as the Bible. Only the means of sacrifice varies. Sometimes, it entails tying your child to a cliff when a storm is coming. Sometimes, it simply involves a knife. Sometimes, it involves a volcano. Sometimes, it involves a politician. All methods of appeasing the god or gods are equally effective, which is to say, not at all. Some people do this because of a voice they heard in their head.

In the case of tonight's meme, the thing being worshipped and sacrificed to is an enabled, psychotic, fatted and godless golden calf named Donald Trump. Behold and see how republicans dance around their false idol, afraid to stop because their monstrosity might attack if they do.

The violence of 1/6, the incitement of that violence, the supportive doubling down reaction to that violence, and encouragement of more of the same by those who begat it and cheered it on, as seen in both Congress and at this weekend's CPAC Loonfest are plenty of proof of all that, as are the reports of a plot to blow up the Capitol during the the first Biden State Of The Union address, and the words uttered in the GOP media on an hourly basis. This is the creed of today's Republican Party. The party is now known as the Domestic Terrorism Party and it has become a modern day reimagining of William Golding's The Lord Of The Flies. They serve a beast and, in so doing, become a beast themselves. It was their true nature after all.

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