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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Very, very soon, we will have a young generation that has never known Republicans to be patriotic Americans. They will know them as a party of anti-minimum wage, anti-health care economic enslavers and bizarro world conspiracy nuts. They will know them as a party that is dedicated to restricting their voting rights and their civil rights. They will know them as a party of hateful anti-gay and anti-trans ignoramuses, racist goons and nazis. The generation that is young now will know republicans as a party that stands with and even rallies domestic terrorists, and who could blame these young people if they see it that way? This is the image of themselves that republicans openly and enthusiastically put forward. This is the party formerly known as The Republican Party entering full bloom. This is the direction the Republican Party embraced and has been headed for a very long time.

The cancer of what is now The Domestic Terrorism Party has completely taken over the old Republican Party now. The cancer of nihilism has achieved worship status within the party. Every cell of it is affected. The cure they offer the rest of us is that they want us to "move on" from their attempted coup, "move on" from their incitement that left 5 dead people and untold numbers of physically and psychologically seriously injured police. Let bygones be bygones, no beatings of cops, not just under cover of the American flag but with the American flag itself, no feces-smeared walls of the Capitol, no blood on the floors, no attempts to send stolen laptops to the Russians, no colleagues texting the locations of political rivals in hopes of death... Nope, nothing to see here, sweep it under the urine-soaked rugs. McConnell has admitted that the attempted coup was incited by Dear Leader Trump, aka the Orange Menace To Society, and yet he went on GOP-TV on Thursday night and said he would absolutely support Trump if he is the nominee in 2024. Of course he would. And so would- every other one of them, like they always have. They are traitors all. Traitors to us. Traitors to the country and traitors to the very ideals and ideas of the country. Those who see what they are now as wrong are banished. This is now the legacy of the old Republican Party. This is how it will be known, as if Reagan, Nixon, and goons like Gingrich weren't somehow enough.



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