• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah Look at those eyes! There's always a lot of speculation as to what drug or drugs Donald Trump Jr. is on but, just like his father and the rest of the heinous family, the number one drug is a thing called EVIL. So, just one week past the anniversary of the Parkland school massacre, a horrid event that many leading Republicans still refer to as a hoax, there was Flor-i-duh Man Don Jr. sending a message by hatefully ranting about teachers and teachers unions while positioning himself in front of a wall of his guns. The right's continued demonization of teachers knows no bounds. It's unclear as to whether or not Don Jr. was trying to inspire crime but, given the family history, that's a safe bet. If Don Jr. has a snorting problem, it may be best for the world if he just ODs as soon as possible. He looks like he's well on the way. I'd have compassion for him if he was another kind of person but he isn't so that settles that. And now a word about backdrops: It's interesting that doing zoom videos with a wall of guns as a Freudian backdrop has become such a republican thing. Most of the rest of us use books and pictures of family.