• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Just like Snowflake, I like watching "Ted" Cruz digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. Everything "Ted" has done since he left his constituents in the cold to fend for themselves has dug the hole deeper, whether it's blaming his kids for the idea of going, saying he never planned to stay no matter what his ticket record says, or literally going on conspiracy nut Sean Hannity's show every night since to invent new stories about how the Great Texas Power Failure Of 2021 happened. Then there's the matter of the pathetic contrived photo-ops that show him placing cases of water bottles, paid for with money raised by AOC, into cars in Texas parking lots. "Ted" is so morally empty that he can't even fake compassion up to the low level of the average Republican politician.

So, I'm amused at the sight of Snowflake watching "Ted" dig his hole, but, unfortunately, it's meaningless because the same force that gave "Ted" his opportunity to be the poster boy for self-inflicted wounds will be the same force that gets him out of that hole even if it goes all the way down to Hades. That force is the typical Texas Republican voter.