• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Part 1, "Thoughts And Prayers" For Rush Limbaugh.

I wasn't going to say anything about the passing of Rush Limbaugh. People say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead but I'm just not that kind of guy. In no way am I that kind of guy. I have no understanding of the idea. It seems rather odd, even hypocritical, to stop speaking ill of Rush just because he died last week. I mean, where's the consistency in that? People might say it's bad karma but I'd rather see myself as an instrument of good karma in this case. So, fuck you Rush Slimebaugh, fuck you. Do you feel better dead? I don't care. I feel better with you dead. I feel better for saying it. You were a modern day Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw, Josef Goebbels, and Father Coughlin all combined. You were an invasion of cancer. There's no undoing the damage you did to this country but I know this country is better off with you dead, and, yes, I know you have imitators out there but you are gone, so that is good. I also hope that the Westboro Baptist Church goes to your funeral. That would seem fitting.

I piss on your grave Rush. I know the line is long. I know it winds around the block, up and down from border to border, coast to coast like those maps of the old railroad lines, but I piss on your grave. Sure, I'll have to wait my turn but I'll bring a jug, the biggest one I can carry. Ditto to that.

Part 2, Tales From The Other Side (No, Not That Other Side):

Being as Limbaugh was a "Florida Man," Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, better described as Flor-i-duh Governor Ron DeSatan, has ordered that the American flags in Florida be lowered to half mast once funeral arrangements are made public. To me, that is a disgrace to the American flag and to the country for which it stands but so was Limbaugh. Still, there are others who worship Limbaugh as more than just an icon of the conservative (bowel) movement. Below is a small but very representative selection of the thousands of public fan comments from Limbaugh's obituary page. As I poured through a few hundred of them, I was appalled (but not shocked) that so many people could call him a "gift from GOD" and a patriot. It's a nasty testament to how easy it is for people to regard "the voice on the radio as an oracle. You can say anything to way too many of the critical thinking-challenged people and, if it comes out of the radio, it might as well be coming from the proverbial burning bush or the oracle of Delphi. I also found it interesting that the overwhelming majority of the comments were from women, many of whom left more than one tribute. I was reminded of stories of women who write adoringly to heinous convicts in prison and even marry them.

I have made no changes in spelling or meaning. I have omitted the names of the mourners in the interest of privacy. Some are revealing. Some are ironic. All are sad.

1. I’ve received an excellent education from the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative studies. 32 years of lessons from professor Rush.

2. Rush, you made me the person I am today. We will miss you.

3. To one of the greatest mind of our time.God speed rush.

4. RUSH was my political minister! Rest In Peace Rush! You’re the best!

5. Rush, thank you. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I will take what you shared with me and the rest of the world and apply it every day. I will cherish those words. God Bless you, heaven gained a great man. Condolences to your wife, brother and the rest of your family. Time heals, time will evenly heal your loss.

6. I’m heartbroken but I know he’s with Jesus. I’ve loved Rush for 32 years. I’ll be lost not listening to him everyday.

7. Thank you , I listened to you when our adult children where fighting the war in Irag. I could trust you with the truth, and I needed that encouragement. Been listening to you when you where on T.V. I was part of that tea party, and proud of it. Thank you for your bravery, to talk to us and to keep us strong. I will miss you very much.

8. I've been a student and a fan for almost 30 yrs Rush. You are the closest friend I never had a chance to meet. Thank you for sharing truth and for telling it like it really is. You are a true Patriot and will forever be a hero to me. You can never be replaced. So thankful you are with your Savior now. God bless you my sweet friend and brother!

9. Talent on loan from GOD! You will be missed Rush. Rest In Peace.

10. So very sorry that we lost one of our Great Generals that was a great leader. I am a 71 yr old lady that listen to him for over 30 yrs. Saw him when he came on tv WILL MISS U RUSG

11. Rush left a lasting imprint on America. Feeling blessed for the time we had together and thankful for the lessons learned during that time. RIP Rush for a job well done! My condolences to his family and friends.