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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Who says Rudy Giuliani isn't inspiring? Sure, he could give any child nightmares if they saw him. "Mommy, why is that weird man with the beady eyes and broken teeth spraying spit all over me? I'm frightened!" 

But this time, Rudy, aka Rudy Nosferatu, has inspired an 11 mile mini-marathon in Philadelphia called The Fraud Street Run. I suppose you can run it solo or you can run it virtually. The route map is shown in the map I'm using as tonight's meme. There is no prize but charity donations are encouraged (See link). You can run the race on November 28th or 29th. It starts at the now famous Four Seasons Total Landscaping where Rudy held a bizarro presser to wow the public with unsubstantiated tales of dead people (his favorite kind) voting and doing who knows what else. Hint, it's interesting that Rudy chose a location that's adjacent to a sex toy emporium on one side and a crematorium on the other. Whether it's his favorite or not is unknown at this time but it wouldn't shock me if he left the place with a bag of MAGA Dildoes and MAGA Butt Plugs. The race ends at Philadelphia's Four Seasons Hotel. There was no word at press time as to whether or not Rudy Giuliani would be participating. His spokesperson said that he was busy tucking in his shirt.




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