Marjorie Traitor Greene Leading The House Republicans Right Into A Trap

This morning, at an event sponsored by the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation, South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace went off topic to defend herself against a barrage of vicious attacks from the increasingly dominant fascist wing of her party. Yesterday her chief antagonist, Marjorie Traitor Greene claimed that she and Trump would back a primary against Mace, who Greene had called a RINO. The new definition of RINO is two-fold: anyone who doesn't worship Trump unconditionally and anyone who doesn't identify as a fascist. Mace is a mainstream conservative-- not good enough.

Her spat with Greene began when Green's top QAnon ally, Lauren Boebert, accused Ilhan Omar of being a Muslim terrorist and Mace admonished her. At the event this morning. Mace reiterated that she "I won't tolerate members on either side of the aisle-- or even within my own party-- who are racist, who promote bigotry, religious bigotry, or anti semitism. I've called out Democrats and Republicans alike and I will continue to do so... I want to be an effective leader in Congress. And that means defending my record when I need to, even if it's against members of my own party. I will continue to work hard and defend my record when I need to and call people out for their BS too. No one can defend myself as best as I can defend myself against individuals, including yesterday when Congresswoman Greene lied about my record, that's not okay."

Minority Leader Kevin McJellyfish (R-CA) has been unable to force Traitor Greene to behave like a grownup, mostly because he's deathly afraid of her clout among GOP neo-Nazis in the House who already kept McJellyfish out of the top position once before. This afternoon, in a closed door session with rank-and-file Republicans, McJellyfish whined that the intraparty squabbling was harming the GOP's efforts to portray themselves as a serious governing party while they are trying to win back the majority in less than a year. He was literally too scared to even mention Traitor Greene. child molester Matt Gaetz or Boebert by name, even though the three extremists were sitting together and making audible catcalls during the meeting. Trying to not aim it directly at the 3 Nazis, he said "Congress is not junior high." He could have been referring to the popular new emoji that Mace invented to describe Geene's state of mind:

Yesterday, right after McJellyfish called Traitor Greene into his office for a private talking to, she stepped out and immediately launched into a vicious attack against Mace to the gathered media, exactly what the pathetic party leader had just asked her not to do.It was in that press gaggle that she announced Trump is on her side against Mace. Greene and Boebert, who have been referred to as "trash" for their entire lives, where upset because Adam Kinzinger used the word to describe Boebert after her latest Islamaphobic tirade against Ilham Omar.

Reporting for The Hill this morning, Christina Marcos wrote that "If McCarthy does become Speaker, the infighting offers a preview of just how challenging his job could be-- and of the difficulty a divided House GOP might have in governing. The more narrow the margin, the tougher McCarthy’s job likely would be. McCarthy tends to prefer trying to smooth over problems within his conference behind the scenes; he doesn’t like publicly condemning fellow GOP lawmakers, which also risks alienating them as well as their allies."

McCarthy’s behind-the-scenes strategy has had its limits, as GOP lawmakers he’s counseled have repeatedly either doubled down on the infighting or remained unrepentant.
Gosar eventually removed the violent anime video from Twitter, but later described it as having “self-censored.” Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to stop House Democrats-- along with Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney (WY), another Republican who’s repeatedly broken with the GOP over its continued embrace of former President Trump-- from voting to censure Gosar and take away his committee assignments.
And hours after tweeting that she had a “good call” with McCarthy, Mace launched additional Twitter attacks on Greene by calling her “nuts”-- with another emoji-- and adding that she was “beyond disgusted.”
“Marjorie Taylor Greene is a liar. And I’m not going to tolerate lies, racism or bigotry, whether you are Republican or Democrat,” Mace added during a Tuesday interview on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show. “She’s crazy. She’s insane. She’s bad for the party. And I’m not going to put up with it.”
Boebert initially issued an apology “to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep. Omar.” But when Boebert and Omar did connect over the phone on Monday, both lawmakers confirmed that it quickly went downhill.
In a video posted to Instagram recapping the conversation, Boebert again invoked an anti-Muslim trope by saying, “Make no mistake, I will continue to fearlessly put America first, never sympathizing with terrorists. Unfortunately, Ilhan can’t say the same thing.”
Rep. Tom Reed (NY), one of the 13 House Republicans who came under fire for their infrastructure votes, said that GOP leaders should make more clear that rhetoric like Boebert’s is unacceptable.
“Well, I think when you’re in a position of leadership, you have to stand up. You have to deal with it. I appreciate the fact that Kevin called our colleague directly to discuss the matter with her. But at some point in time, you also have to stand up and just call it out for what it is. This type of rhetoric cannot be condoned. It cannot be upheld,” Reed said on CNN.

If progressive Democrat Shahid Buttar manages to beat Nancy Pelosi next year, we'll see someone in the House who knows not only exactly how to take out trash like Boebert and Greene but how to deal with religious bigotry in general. "Democrats decrying anti-Muslim bigotry by GOP voices," he told me this afternoon, "are unfortunately hypocrites throwing stones from a glass house. They have thankfully called out Boebert for an offensive joke, while fabricating serious accusations relying on other anti-Muslim tropes as election disinformation orchestrated to protect the party’s leader in Congress. The fabrication of disinformation serving Pelosi has been exposed by a party whistleblower who revealed what the San Francisco Bayview described as 'a civic lynching' of a Muslim candidate orchestrated for political purposes with the disturbing support of the press. A further dimension of hypocrisy emerges when considering how Democrats have treated Ilhan Omar, in particular. While thankfully standing up for her in response to Bobert’s offensive joke, Democrats have also disingenuously described her comments as anti-Semitic on more than one occasion, playing into yet another anti-Muslim stereotype while also undermining an overdue policy debate about U.S. foreign policy and the institutionalized Islamophobia that it also represents. Presumptions of guilt can reflect white supremacy, as when Muslims are falsely presented as guilty of politically motivated accusations. Meanwhile, presumptions of innocence charitably granted to powerful white figures in Democratic party politics reveal the same bias. Bigotry of any kind has no place in politics, regardless of which party stoops to the level of employing it."

Yesterday, Democratic candidates in local races across Georgia ousted Republicans in office and beat back challenges from highly-touted GOP challengers. Hours later, Stacey Abrams announced her campaign for governor. And while this is happening-- and while American women are rededicating themselves to protect Roe v Wade at the ballot box, Republican fascists like Traitor Greene, Cawthorn, Gaetz, Boebert, Gosar are behaving like unruly 2 year olds with full diapers. The Democrats may suck, but the GrangGreene seems determined to make sure everyone remembers exactly who sucks more than the party of Manchin, Sinema, Gottheimer and Schrader.